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Adriano Ferrari Farm

Adriano Ferrari Farm

Adriano Ferrari is one of those Calabrian who know how to look ahead, how to dream and how to grab his dreams and make them real in their own land. Intuition, ambition, inspiration and definitely character, are the makers of this breeder from Altilia, a council from the Province of Cosenza that has become the stronghold point of the Calabrian Black pig.
The Ferrari Farm breeds in a semi-wild environmenta native breed called Apulian-Calabrese were each pig has been rigorously selected: “The Calabrian black pig – explains the Atiliaro breeder – has features such as hardiness, the ability to enhance basic ingredients, strong grazing instinct, high maternal attitude, the male’s strong sexual vigour which besides allowing the survival of this breed in difficult environments determines the quality of the meat making it ideal for processing, and which gives the aromas and reputation of traditional regional cold cuts.
An animal almost legendary which was gradually replaced by the ‘White pig’ due to its quality better suited for intensive farming and superior weight gain, the black pig (traditional of the rural economy of our ancestors) was reduced just to a few specimens and near approaching to the brink of extinction.
In the 80s his genetic inheritance was taken to safety at the Esac Center (pig reproduction centre later called ARRSA) in the town of Acri. Thanks to a project which was never completed but that saw Calabrian entities and British livestock expert Dr. David Kennet the black pig “came to life” again.
In the subsequent years after discovering the taste of the meat of black pigs Adriano Ferrari comes into the project. It was the beginning of a real passion, but also the mission to re-evaluate the native breed. Only breadingduring his spare time but always with the fervour and the process of someone who really wants to achieve a goal. A goal that he has subsequently transmitted to the current Ferrari farm which now specializes in the breeding and selection of the Calabrian black pig and its transformation.
Throughout his life, Adriano Ferrari, has always been fascinated by animals in general whohe previously raised just for fun, but always with the conviction of someone who wants to do things the right way and with the sense of challenge.  Until he came across the’Black pig’ which once represented an important source of livelihood, Adriano Ferraritoday has the difficult task of preserving the breed in danger of extinction. Adopting a selection and targeted process for this purpose which excludes piglets that even have one single white dot, sending these to standard farming processes for standard quality cured meats.
Clear ideas are those expressed by Adriano Ferrari, authentic protagonist of a research aimed at making a substantial contribution to the reconstruction of the true Calabrian livestock map and for an activity that is certainly a gesture of love for their land.
We assure you that there isn’t something similar and we don’t remember ever having tasted a meat so flavoursome as the one from the Calabrian Black Pig.
Yet in our parents’ house, every year we butchered two white pigs! They grew quickly and reached a significant weight, every part of the animal was used except its bristly hairs.
So Adriano Ferrari, someone that after tasting this meat was fully converted to the Calabrian Black pig. Today he’s the owner of a business that produces cured meats 100% from on Calabrian Black Pig as well as being its breeder.
Just looking at Ferrari’s cured meats is to realize that you are in front of something unique. The first thing that catches your eye is the authentic pink and dark red colour of the meat as well as the white of the fat due to the absence of the classic chilli as is traditionally taught in the Calabrian and Atiliara great school of cured meats, who like their meats to be outspoken.
Besides, sausages and whole cuts (such as bacon) are distinctively delicious as they exhibit their natural flavour and fragrance of the pure black pig which require simple adjustments to meet its unique qualities and characteristics.
Processed by expert hand, in absolute purity, and exclusively with meat from the Ferrai farm, these cured meats are different from any other cured meats derived from the production process of any pig from the Suidae familydue to the characteristics of the meat, the limited use of spices and herbs. Cured meats sausages are made with small chopped pieces, salt and black pepper, whilst whole cuts are prepared with rosemary and laurel, and lard is cured only with salt.
The chilli, however, is present among the ingredients of the famous ‘Nduja but in a quantities that makes it lovable, leaving intact the taste of the meat and in balance with the mild and pleasant smokiness. The cured meats with the Ferrari name include sausages, sopressata Atiliara and the ‘Nduja. Regarding the whole cuts you’ll find the production is made by the capicollo, lonza, pancetta, guanciale, lard and spicy lard.
Being proud and refined is the common denominator of the different types of meats offered by the Ferrari farm which offer a niche product that has the seal of excellence. Good and tasty is the meat of the ‘Black Pig’, which is also healthy due to the same nutritional values of standard pork meat but richer in Vitamins D and E, and its higher content of oleic acid and good monounsaturated fat as those found in olive oil which have high antioxidant properties.

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