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Armacía the wine of the terraces of the Costa Viola

The “armacìe” (or “armacère”) are the centuries-old stone walls supporting the terraces of the vineyards of Reggio Calabria’s Costa Viola. These are 20 km of terraced coasts that overlook the Strait and overhang on the sea along the towns of Villa San Giovanni, Scilla , Bagnara, Seminara and Palmi where for centuries the practice of the so-called “heroic viticulture” or “extreme” due to the difficult conditions in which the growers have operated for generations. “Armacìa the wine of the terraces” is a product IGT of Costa Viola that was born thanks to a local development project aimed at protecting the fragile and traditional wine-terraced landscape of the Costa Viola and that was implemented by the recovery of the vineyards of the steep slopes.

Thanks to the constitution of the cooperative “Enopolis Costa Viola” which brings together the many small producers of the area that since 2006 produce the “Armacìa” wine. Now the “Aemacía” is considered a niche wine, greatly appreciated not only for its organoleptic characteristics also for its social and environmental characteristics. The few thousand bottles produced each year are sold thanks to the collaboration and the sales network of the Wine House  Criserà of Reggio Calabria (also a cooperative shareholder) and the national circuit “Extreme Wines” from Proposta Vini. The wines are distributed throughout the best restaurants and the best Italian wine bars.

Organoleptic characteristics

“Armacìa” presents itself in a deep ruby-​​red colour with slight pomegranate red undertones. Whilst feeling its aroma the first characteristic to stand out is it’s autochthonous and intense notes from the Nerello, Gaglioppo, Malvasia Nera, Prunesta and “Patri niru” grapes from is made and which gradually give way to red fruity aromas.

After this first aroma encounter there is a good flavour with a slight mineral characteristic enhanced by a good acidity and structure.

The aftertaste takes the palate towards the flavours of a dried red fruit.  An optimal balance with the right level of tannins and alcohol that determines an ideal and an unusual harmonic flavour that this wine gives and which develops over time. The aging process done in the bottle is essential.

“Armacìa” goes well with simple meat dishes, roast fish and matured cheeses. It can enhance without contrasting the starters with cheese and honey, Tropea onion jam and Bergamot jam, both “jams” specially eating with cheese.



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