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Assapori Restaurants: a leading consortium of food quality in Calabria

Assapori Restaurants: a leading consortium of food quality in Calabria

Interview to the President of the Assapori Consortium Mrs. Concetta Greco.

Interview to the President of the Assapori Consortium Mrs. Concetta Greco.
Create an outpost for the promotion and enhancement of the great culinary tradition of Calabria in Italy and in the World. In this ambitious mission the Consortium Assapori is recognised as the result from the initiative of Confindustria Cosenza, who today joins restaurants of all provinces in the region that aim for excellence.
In today’s time offering catering of high quality requires commitment and professionalism but also deep knowledge of the territory and its traditional produce in additionto that local knowledge which is the real jewel of the ‘made in Calabria’. As well as a strategic hub of the new tourism philosophy that also brings into play the wealth of tastes and flavours of the region, this vision pursued with determination by Concetta Greco, president of the Assapori Consortium, in the belief as expressed in her interview by “Calabria a Tavola”,  that the synergy with the institutions and training are the key factors in the development of the industry .

President from who came the idea of the initiative for creating the consortium and which is the main idea of it?

The consortium has been active since 2003 and was promoted by Confindustria Cosenza behind the impulse of an idea that has been developed by the current director of Assapori, Dr. Rosario Branda. In the early years of his life there was a great urge for a project that represented the real innovations in the field, immediately his message was widely spread to become the common denominator of shareholders. Over time it has grown and expanded,sometimes in slow motion that has helped us not only to reflect on the road we have taken, but also to develop the programs that we had in mind for the future. The Consortium Assapori believes in the value of Calabrian cuisine with quality, understood as a history, culture, identity, and its function of promotinga region like Calabria, rich in excellence in all fields, but that, unlike other regions, with enormous difficulties in emerging. In particular, we believe that agriculture and tourism constitute two areas that can have a significant development.

What are the associations lines of action?

In the consortium are present the most important events of the industry as the “Salone del Gusto”, “Vinitaly” and all the others where it is essential to have an authoritative point of reference that represents the potential of our region in relation to the quality of the food culture that the consortium intends to promote and value in all of its components. Also in our strategy there are conventions and agreements with the public sector and all those initiatives and actions aimed at improving support and services.

How important is networking in the food sector?

I believe that in today’s world it is very important to network. The association of caterers have a unique voice; they can exchange knowledge and enrich one another. Assapori also aims to promote the concept of quality in the supply chain involving manufacturerstoo; confirming in this way that the force is in the union.

In Calabria which are the potentialities of the food sector? And Its limits?

Calabria has many resources ready to be use; thankfully nowadays there ismore attention even if it is desirable that relevant authorities invest more in promoting the region. We also believe that it is necessary to invest in young people to look to the future and in this sense I am proud in how we are working with the Region’s Department of Culture and the Hotelier sector to focus on the new forming talents. I can emphasise that in the area there is a lot of professionalism and competency, but at the same time in some cases there is improvisation. In the food sector it is essential to possess a vast knowledge of the culture, the landand the roots and all the right tools to work with professionalism and success.

Assapori participated in the festival “Salone del Gusto” with an original “Cooking School”, are people talking about it?

It was a very significant experience that has received a lot of support. With our unique way to tell our cuisine we also wanted to talk about the territory. We believe that the presentation of a dish is not an end in itself and that behind it there is the soul of those who produce it.

How many restaurants are currently associates?

The consortium now consists of 15 members representing all the provinces of Calabria, but the goal is to grow our memberships and also involve producers.

What is the commitment of a restaurant that works with the Assapori guide line?

The consortium is open to all who want to participate and share the purposes for which the consortium was formed, there are some guide lines to be respected and a quality card with the requirements that relate to the philosophy of hospitality and gastronomy. However today, the consortium has one more reason to be proud of the work is doing, as one of our member restaurant in 2013 gained a prestigious Michelin star.

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