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Greco di Bianco’s card

“The future of Greco di Bianco goes hand in hand with the development of the territory.” One of the ideological reasons that drove us to put the product on the market is the desire to bring prestige and exposure to a town too often forgotten. Is the same spirit that pushed my grandparents that right now is at odds with ... Read More »

Chef Roberto De Franco

When did your adventure as chef started? I was only 14 and started in a beautiful hotel on Lake Maggiore. Was it a vocation? In fact the vocation was to travel and be independent. I realized that working in restaurants could offer both. Which has been your greatest satisfaction doing this job? See the guys who started working with me ... Read More »

Nature Med

“The King of Liquorice”, this is how Nature Med has been classified. The Cosentine company that now collects recognitionsabroad as well as in Italy. Past and present, natural resources, Calabrian entrepreneurship, strategic vision and courage, all contained in a brand that has gained a market share against the challengespresented by the giants of the Italian and foreign industry and led ... Read More »

Kouvala – Elvira De Leo Farm

The search for the optimum is the philosophy of the extra virgin olive production of Kouvala, the extra olive oil brand from “Elvira De Leo Farm” in Bagnara (Rc) on the Costa Viola. Produced with care with genuine passion and derived from antique lands belonging to the family since 1806 and that span for 70 hectares. The highquality “juice” derived ... Read More »

Farm Civico 48

For Vincent Lia, an entrepreneur in the agricultural sector of Corigliano (Cs), Clementines authentic pride of Calabria represent a world yet to be discovered. The company is called ‘Spes’ and is based in Crotone, currently the company is looking to build new business opportunities by exploiting the e-commerce while keeping a strong relationship with the usual farm shops of this ... Read More »


Surianolii is one of the temples of red chilli and red onion from Tropea IGP and his patron Giancarlo Suriano is the bearer of the true culture of excellence in the industry. Tasting a Suriano’s home made product means opening the doors to the flavours, aromas and the tastes of Calabria. On the other hand, in the early days of ... Read More »

Sweet Temptation

The ancient Calabrian tradition of sweets made with top quality ingredients is today one of GianlucaStaltari’sbest skills. A young pastry chef who immediately stood out with his factory“Sweet Temptation”located at Marina di GioiosaIonica in the province of Reggio Calabria. Staltari’shistory is a recent productive process undertaken in the wake of a passionate craftsmanship that immediately earned him the important recognition ... Read More »

Migliarese Bruno e Figli Farm

In one of the most evocative and naturalistic places of the Ionian Sea in the town of Soverato (Catanzaro Province) you’ll find farm Migliarese active for 40 years now and which is the pride and joy of this area. Migliarese is a farmthat specializes in the production of extra virgin olive oil and high quality organic fruits and vegetables. The ... Read More »

Chef Luigi Quinteri

The medal winner Chef Luigi Quinteri with its refined dishes gives great taste sensations and visual pleasures to the resources of the fertile land of Calabria through the region’s food and wine. As well as the guardian and innovative interpreter, he is also the bearer of discovery and exploitation. Since 2008 he is the Chef and patron in the town ... Read More »

Chef Antonio Raffaele

An internationally renowned chef, sommelier, Calabrian born in the town of Paola (Cs) and ambassador of the excellence of his homeland. Antonio Raffaele, immediately found the right atmosphere with “Calabria a Tavola” and enthusiastically shared his the basic values​​. Unequivocally we’re talking about Antonio Raffaele, Best Chef of the Year in 2008, award-winner and admired for its extraordinary cuisine that ... Read More »

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