Friday , 20 April 2018
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From a business plan at the University of Calabria to a fully operational company that trades in domestic and Germand and American markets. Creator of these initiatives is Massimo Pizzini, founder in 2000 of Bioagrumi located in the town of Trebisacce (Cs). An Ionian city that in the 70s was famous for the cultivation of the so-called “Biondo di Trebisacce”, a variety of a juicy orange.

The territory in which the company is located is one with extraordinary qualities for citrus cultivation. The Plain of Sibari is actually made of oranges and clementines which tell the beginnings of this company that started from a very small business growing thanks to the tenacity of its founder who strongly believed in a project born from his intuition and put on paper together with a fellow student.

Today Bioagrumi is an established company trading on a vast horizon that keeps with the demands and stresses of a demanding market which has directed its mission. The quality and authenticity seem to incarnate into this Calabrian excellence, jams and marmalades are made ​​with simple ingredients, without the mechanism, techniques or “cheap” processes and ingredients of an industrial company, for a healthy, safe and flavour that for sure will give space to the imagination and to the authentic flavours and tradition of Calabria.

Perhaps is not a coincidence that Massimo Pizzini to begin used his moms orange marmalade recipe, to then go ahead and increase the available flavours with the use of other fruits such as the red orange, yellow orange, lemons, clementines, spicy clementines, liquorice and clementines,  kiwi, apple, citron, bergamot, apricots, figs, peaches, chestnuts, and pears, in short a rainbow of flavours and aromas that come from raw ingredients throughout Calabria (except the apples).  This confirms the extraordinary and versatile vocation present in the region to produce different fruit crops.

Each marmalade made by Solefrutta from Buiagrumi is made of a minimum of 82% of fruit and 12% sugar, in a line of products that has no less than 16 flavours for the conventional products and 8 flavours for the organic line.

Maximum Pizzini is one of those very active Calabrian entrepreneurs working on the research of new markets, particularly overseas, a feature that has marked the company since he took his first steps which were and continue to be the participations in overseas trade shows and in the biggest food events in Italy and Europe.  Pizzini is one of those that believes in the synergy and partnership, in the past this believe fruited in very positive commercial relationships with local businesses that favoured the growth of his company, proving that connections between neighbouring businesses are paths of common benefits.

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