Sunday , 25 February 2018
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Bivongi Doc

(Red, rosé, novello, white and reserve) These are the wines of the ancient Oenotria, the province of Reggio Calabria, and they are produced on the eastern side of the province close to the towns of Bivongi, Caulonia, Riace,, Monasterace, Stilo, Camini, Pazzano, Placanica, Stignano and Guadavalle (in the province of CZ). The minimum natural alcoholic strength by volume must be between 10.50%. For the “white Bivongi” 10.50% and 12.00% for the “Bivongi red” to be able to have the “Reserve” denomination which specifies that the wine must age at least 1 year from 1 November since the harvest of the grapes. During the production process only local enological techniques and traditional practices of the area are used in order to give the wine their unique characteristics which will vary depending on the type.

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