Monday , 19 March 2018
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Burzio Oil

The DOP denomination for the Bruzio olive oil comes with Reg. 1065/97. Produced in the province of Cosenza and named after the city’s original settlement: Bruzi. An oil that immediately stands out from its taste and rich fruity aroma, intense colour that go from green to golden tones and preserves the original characteristics of the fruit by a legal decree.

The origin of the cultivation culture in Cosenza is placed at the time of Ancient Greece, when the ancient Sibari were the richest centre of production. However, it is produced in four different areas of the province of Cosenza assigned as the four geographic areas of origin: Fascia Prepollinica, Colline Ioniche Presilane, Sibaritide and Valle del Crati. It’s perfect to accompany all the traditional dishes from Calabria, as well as grilled and boiled vegetables.

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