Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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Caciocavallo cheese from Sila

Caciocavallo cheese from Sila

It’s the first product from Calabria to have obtained the DOP denomination (“Cheese” Reg. 07/01/96 1263, Reg. 1204 of 04.07.03 Published in OJ L 163 of 02.07.96 and OJ L. 168, 05.97.03), and the only cheese in its entire category, hence the name “King of the dairy products.” The Caciocavallo cheese is a semi-hard cheese made ​​of stretched cured and is considered to be a healthy and genuine product because it is produced exclusively from cow’s milk (rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins). To produce 1 kg of cheese you requires about 10 litters of fresh milk.

It’s traditional oval-shaped or truncated cone, it’s thin and smooth crust, aroma, its sweet or spicy flavour which depends on whether the cheese is young or matured and its homogeneous pale yellowish or white colour makes it an excellence of the Mediterranean diet, which is also used as part of the diet of athletes, children and the elderly. According to tradition the name seems to derive from the ancient custom of hanging forms from wooden slats. Even Hippocrates in 500 BC, speaks enthusiastically about the dairy art of the Greeks of Calabria.

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