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Calabrian liquorice

Calabrian liquorice

Also for the Calabrian liquorice (Calabria’s Black Gold) its registration as a Protected Designation of Origin (in 2011) is very recent. The D.O.P. brand is reserved exclusively for the fresh, dried and extract. This liquorice must come from crops and from the spontaneous Glychirrhiza glabra (Fam. Leguminosae), and which in Calabria this variety is called “Cordara.” The plant from which it is extracted is native to the Mediterranean area and in Italy, it grows wild along the coast of Calabria which provides 80% of the national production.

The production area indicated in the specification includes the municipalities of Villa Piana, Cerchiara Calabria, Cassano-Sybaris, Corigliano Calabro and Rossano all along the Plain of Sibari, and where, in 1715 the Duke of Corigliano built the first factory dedicated to the transformation of liquorice. For centuries (about 35) is a product valued for its many qualities and benefits: liquorice is also used in the cosmetic industry and especially in the confectionery sector for the production of sweets, tablets or teas, and local liquorice liqueur.

Calabria’s DOP liquorice has the following characteristics: fresh root (pale yellow colour, strong sweet and aromatic taste), dried root: (pale yellow to dark yellow colour, slightly sweet and astringent), root extract: (brown to black colour, sweet-sour flavour, aromatic and intense).

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