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Calabrian sausage

Calabrian sausage

(Products meat Reg. 134 of 20/01/98) Another cured meat delicatessen extremely well-known and which is obtained from pig shoulder meat, has cylindrical shape, is woven in a “chain” style and is the bearer of an ancient charcuterie tradition and almost a ritual that could be called “the culture of the pig.” Father Giovanni Fiore da Cropani, wrote in 1691: “The pigs come hand to hand in this order useful for their meat, the more disgusting to live, the more delectable dead, and with advantage; the use of fresh meat and the use of salted meat.

Once the meat mix has been inserted in the sausage casing it is left to cure for about twelve months either in oil, grease or vacuum sealed. For the sausage the colour is naturally red or dark red, and its aroma as the flavour is more or less intense.

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