Monday , 19 March 2018
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Calabria’s clementines

Calabria’s clementines

(Fruit, vegetables and cereals Reg. 2325 of 24.11.97) Is a small citrus fruit born from the mixing between mandarin and oranges. Clementine are cultivated in several varieties: Plain, Fedele, Hernandina, Marisol, Nules, Spinosa, SRA 63 and Tardiva, all cultivated in the provinces of Catanzaro, Cosenza, Crotone, Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia, becoming a much appreciated product not only in domestic markets but also in international markets.

The most important feature is their very juicy flesh and the almost total absence of seeds. The fruit quickly reaches ripeness thanks to the particular climate where is cultivated, and the fruits are harvested by hand between November and March. The peel is similar as of an orange which is very intense and rich in aromatic oils.

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