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Carbone Farm

Carbone Farm

Carbone farm fromLaureana di Borrelloin the Province of Reggio Calabria produces extra virgin olive oil of high quality that is not accompanied by a common label but by an “identity card” that declines and proudly exhibits characteristics similar to the best wines. A particularly significant philosophy that sums up thebrothers Nicola and Ferdinando Carbone, ardent supporters and authoritative interpreters of the authentic “Made in Calabria”.

In “PianiMarzano” is where the crops from Carbone farm grow, an area that extends for 50 acres, in a fertile area, and happily suited for olive cultivation that the family runs with passion and absolute dedication since 1950.

Tasks among the Carbone brothers are clearly divided but with constant and firm direction towards the common pursuit of quality. Nicola is an experienced grower that with competence and professionalism is in charge of the crops and is a valuable reference point for colleagues of the Plain. Ferdinando instead is in charge of the production process, marketing and sales.

The farm’s oils incorporate an instant and recognizable cultural added value that refers directly to the territory and to the tradition, which for a strictly strategic choices the farm invested the entire supply chain and has allowed the brand of the Carbone brothers to buy a more distinct personality and visibility in the market. “You can produce a range of high quality oils says Ferdinando, and treat it in a completely anonymous way;instead, we had the courage to give it a name and a description so it holds an identity of its own that we now have the task to ensure in a land that is culturally distant from choices of this level and that requires significant resources and energy”.

It was this way that the Carbone brothers threesome of oils was born. The Koroneiki-Ter-Laureanum”that from the single variety to the blend covers the main crops spread in the area and even a variety that is referred as the Homeric epic. Then there is the “Koroneiki”, an exclusive light and refined oil with a significant proportion of polyphenols that comes from the admirable archeo-olive production that today enhances this ancient and rare varieties of olives, renewing then in Calabria the myth of Ancient Greece.

It is said in fact that a branch of the Koroneiki tree is what Ulysses used to dart the eye of the Cyclopes son of Neptune. Then there is the “TER” because 3 is the perfect number, because 3 are the taste attributes of an oil (fruity, bitter, spicy), but mainly because 3 are the native varieties that characterize this oil of great value, which reflects the true and most authentic flavours of Calabria.

The extra virgin olive oil “Ter” made ​​from a blend of three of the largest varieties of olivesin Reggio Calabria’s territory (Ottobratica, Tombarello and Ciciarello). Finally, “LAUREANUM” is the olive oil that comes from the territory of Laureana di Borrello, the ancient Byzantine city of “Laure” greatly suited for olive growing as it is the whole area of the Plains of GioiaTauro.

The “Laureanum” extra virgin olive oil is a variety of oil obtained from olives Nocellara. The distribution of the Carbone farm’s oil is widespread, from hotels to restaurants for them to be moved on to consumers, a market traditionally sceptical but that finally are discovering and appreciating the quality of extra virgin olive oil made in Calabria. The “TER”, however, is marketed in Italy and abroad, especially in Brazil, which has proven to be a profitable market.

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