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Chef Roberto De Franco

When did your adventure as chef started? I was only 14 and started in a beautiful hotel on Lake Maggiore. Was it a vocation? In fact the vocation was to travel and be independent. I realized that working in restaurants could offer both. Which has been your greatest satisfaction doing this job? See the guys who started working with me ... Read More »

Chef Luigi Quinteri

The medal winner Chef Luigi Quinteri with its refined dishes gives great taste sensations and visual pleasures to the resources of the fertile land of Calabria through the region’s food and wine. As well as the guardian and innovative interpreter, he is also the bearer of discovery and exploitation. Since 2008 he is the Chef and patron in the town ... Read More »

Chef Antonio Raffaele

An internationally renowned chef, sommelier, Calabrian born in the town of Paola (Cs) and ambassador of the excellence of his homeland. Antonio Raffaele, immediately found the right atmosphere with “Calabria a Tavola” and enthusiastically shared his the basic values​​. Unequivocally we’re talking about Antonio Raffaele, Best Chef of the Year in 2008, award-winner and admired for its extraordinary cuisine that ... Read More »

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