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From a business plan at the University of Calabria to a fully operational company that trades in domestic and Germand and American markets. Creator of these initiatives is Massimo Pizzini, founder in 2000 of Bioagrumi located in the town of Trebisacce (Cs). An Ionian city that in the 70s was famous for the cultivation of the so-called “Biondo di Trebisacce”, ... Read More »

Nature Med

“The King of Liquorice”, this is how Nature Med has been classified. The Cosentine company that now collects recognitionsabroad as well as in Italy. Past and present, natural resources, Calabrian entrepreneurship, strategic vision and courage, all contained in a brand that has gained a market share against the challengespresented by the giants of the Italian and foreign industry and led ... Read More »


Surianolii is one of the temples of red chilli and red onion from Tropea IGP and his patron Giancarlo Suriano is the bearer of the true culture of excellence in the industry. Tasting a Suriano’s home made product means opening the doors to the flavours, aromas and the tastes of Calabria. On the other hand, in the early days of ... Read More »

Adriano Ferrari Farm

Adriano Ferrari is one of those Calabrian who know how to look ahead, how to dream and how to grab his dreams and make them real in their own land. Intuition, ambition, inspiration and definitely character, are the makers of this breeder from Altilia, a council from the Province of Cosenza that has become the stronghold point of the Calabrian ... Read More »

Sant’Anna Farm

The new Calabrian dairy tradition took its first steps in Campora San Giovanni in the Santanna farm ( where the milk from the Saanen dairy goat is bread in the same area. The cheeses from this farm have a special and delicious taste characteristic of those good things made with love and passion. Either fresh or maturedSantanna’s cheeses are a ... Read More »

Pasta Producer Pirro

Once there was the custom to bring good homemade pasta to the table that was prepared with simple and genuine ingredients. Today that healthy custom printed in the memory of many generations is perpetuated thanks to the production of Pasta Pirro in the town of Corigliano, Cosenza Province. Pastificio Pirro in the name of tradition selects and uses only natural ... Read More »

Paradiso dei Golosi

Paradiso dei Golosi from Santo Cauteruccio with its authentic and genuine goodness, skilfully packaged in glass jars adds a touch of fantasy to the table offering from antipasti to sweets. The company located in the town of Buonvicino (Cosenza) in the skirts of the Pollino National Park, specializes in the production of the best products of the Calabrian land and ... Read More »

Fratelli Marano

Conseza’sfigs from the harvest to the processing retain a charm that takes us back in time. Figs, a very ancient fruit that is widespread along the shores of the Mediterranean, but is knownand established that the Calabrian fig has characteristics that make it one of the tastiest of the entire Italian territory. This has also been confirmed with the DOP ... Read More »

Nicola Colavolpe

Nicola Colavolpe’sfigs are those that tell a story of a familiar territory. The company was founded in the early years of the last century by the intuition of the founder Nicola Colavolpe, a native from the town of Amalfi, which introduces the fig “Crocette” swirled and stuffed with almonds, walnuts and orange peel, which now are now sold with an ... Read More »

Masseria Fornara

From the early 80s that an established and historicalcompany such as “Masseria Fornara” from the Elio brothers Matthew and Eugene located in the Plain of Sibari has been working for 5 generations engaged in different agricultural production. The farm has been directed towards what is apparent an inedited Calabrian culture, but that in fact had already been discovered in recent ... Read More »

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