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Chocolate millefoil with Marsala custard

Chef Antonio Raffaele Ingredients – For 4 people 12 chocolate puff pastries 160 grams of custard with Marsala 4 macarons with pistachio Peach Nappage Raspberry Topping Passion fruit Nappage Mango Nappage Dark chocolate icing White chocolate icing Preparation Knead the dough with chocolate and place it in a baking tray to bake until fully cooked. When ready cut 12 rectangles ... Read More »

Spaghetti “Latini” with garlic, oil and chilli

Chef Antonio Raffaele Ingredients for 4 people: 320 grams of spaghetti 100 grams of garlic 200 g of sweet chili 120 g extra virgin olive oil 4 fresh hot chillies Salt 12 dried chillies Preparation: Whisk the oil, garlic and chilli until you have a smooth sauce. Cook the pasta, fry the dried chillies in hot oil waiting until they ... Read More »

Rapier roasted fillet on a bed of potato with caponatavegetable

chef Enzo Cannatà Ingredients for 4 people Preparation Time: min. 20 Recommended wine: CiroRosso Cod fillet gr. 600 Potatoes gr. 400 Tomato gr. 200 Aubergine gr. 200 Red onion gr. 80 Black olives gr.80 Pine nuts gr. 25 Extra virgin olive oil gr. 150 Parsley Salt Decoration: Peeled aubergine, tomatoes, potatoes. Preparation: Cut the fillet into portions and lay them ... Read More »

Squid and shrimp balls on a bed of tomato cream with cockles and salmon eggs

chef Enzo Cannatà Ingredients for 4 people Preparation Time: min. 45 Recommended wine: Fianod’Avellino 4 sheets of crepes of approx. 24cm in diameter 2 litres of fish stock 20 grams of flour 20 grams of butter 500 gr. of clean fresh squid 200 gr. fresh prawns already cleaned 300 grams of fresh tomatoes 200 gr. of clams or cockles 50 ... Read More »

Cod Salad

chef Enzo Cannatà Ingredients for 4 people Cooking time 15 min. Recommended wine: Greco di Bianco Cod fillet gr. 500 Extra virgin olive oil gr. 150 2 garlic cloves 2 hot fresh chillies Tomatoes gr. 300 50 g parsley Onion gr. 100 6 fresh basil leaves Black olives in brine 100 gr Wild oregano leaves Salt Preparation Steam cook the ... Read More »

Anchovy pie with white wine and poppy seeds

Chef Luigi Quintieri Ingredients (4 people) 500g of fresh anchovies 100g black olives 70g anchovy fillets in oil Breadcrumbs to taste 1 bunch of parsley 50g poppy seeds Salt Black pepper 1 hot fresh chilli Extra Virgin Olive Oil to taste Preparation: Chop the black olives, anchovy fillets in olive oil, parsley and chilli. Mix the bread crumbs with the ... Read More »

Sea bass fillet with diced tomato and Calabrian olives; Prawn Nighiri and basmati rice on nettles.

Chef Luigi Quintieri Ingredients (4 people) 4 Sea bass fillets of approx 300gr each 200gr of cherry tomatoes 5gr of garlic 5gr of fresh chilli 20gr of fresh parsley 40gr of olives (green or black) 120gr of basmati rice 20gr of sugar 10gr of rice vinegar 120gr of carrots 40gr of extra virgin olive oil 20gr of salt 4 large ... Read More »

Fagottino alla bruzia – u fagotto alla bruzia (Calabria)

Chef Luigi Quintieri Ingredients (4 people) For the sauce: 250gr of minced lamb 100gr of minced pork 500ml of tomato sauce 1 bunch of parsley 1 red chilli 1 glass of white wine 1 onion Extra virgin olive Salt Black pepper For the parcel: 8 slices of grilled aubergine 150gr of Bucatini pasta Greated Pecorino or Parmigiano cheese   Preparation: ... Read More »

Sautéed of squid julienne in squid black ink

Chef Luigi Quintieri Ingredients (10 people) Lt. 1 of fish stock 2Kg cuttlefish 300gr parsley 50gr brandy 50gr of Marsala 10gr of salt 500gr of puff pastry 1 egg 100gr of extra virgin olive oil 100 gr flour 00 100 gr of fresh cream Preparation: In a flat pan put the squid and let it cook; in the meantime, in ... Read More »

Risotto with Mazara prawns, courgette flowers on a cheese basket

Chef Luigi Quintieri Ingredients (4 people) 350gr of Carnaroli rice Extra virgin olive oil 50gr of parsley 30gr of prawns 60gr of courgette flowers 50gr of celery 20gr of carrots 20gr of onion 20gr of salt 5gr of garlic 10gr of dry white wine 20gr of Grana Padano cheese 20gr of fresh chilli 10gr of cherry tomatoes For the cheese ... Read More »

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