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Assapori Restaurants: a leading consortium of food quality in Calabria

Interview to the President of the Assapori Consortium Mrs. Concetta Greco. Interview to the President of the Assapori Consortium Mrs. Concetta Greco. Create an outpost for the promotion and enhancement of the great culinary tradition of Calabria in Italy and in the World. In this ambitious mission the Consortium Assapori is recognised as the result from the initiative of Confindustria ... Read More »

L’Approdo Restaurant

Traditional cuisine is always sought and suggests new ways, and this at thel’Approdo Restaurant is even enhanced by possessing a prestigious Michelin star from the ‘Michelin Guide’. The strong point of the restaurant is the fresh fish of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the excellent products of the territory and the use of the recipes from the past that the chefs prepared ... Read More »

Osteria del Vicolo

L’Osteria del Vicolo flatters the great tradition by offering the gourmet cuisine of Calabria and in particular mormannese (from the town of Mormanno). Here ingenuity is at home, as is the warm and friendly hospitality. The restaurant has been run by the Armentano family for the last 40 years and which are also engaged in the direct production of the ... Read More »

Zenzero Restaurant

At the Zenzero restaurant emotions are served at the table. Opened in 2009, this “finding of the taste” immediately highlights the enthusiasm and talent of the fervent Chef Bruno De Francesco. The kitchen is traditional from the territory but with a modern twist that will take your senses through a very special trip. The menu ranges from dishes based on ... Read More »

Trattoria Max Restaurant

Land and sea on a plate in the perfect balance is the culinary philosophy of Chef Salvatore Murano from Trattoria Max located in the ancient Krimisa. His culinary research has focused straight on the reinterpretation of tradition and gastronomic peculiarities offered by the territory, before deconstructing the old recipes and reassembling themin light of the excellence of the products from ... Read More »

Kerkira Tavern Restaurant

The Kerkira Tavern is the successful partnership between the flavours of the Greek island of Corfu and Calabria. The restaurant’s main ingredient is of course the fish that is extensively used in different ways throughout the recipes from the Ionian Island that Patron Fulvio Dato learned from his mother who was born in Kerkyra (Corfu), and from the gastronomic traditions ... Read More »

Hotel Barbieri Restaurant

Great food with very few ingredients is with this formidable concept that the Hotel Barbieri Restaurant in Altomonte places itself in front of the traditional gastronomic culture of Calabria, with genuine results and refined flavours resulting in high popularity. The passion, experimentation and loyalty to a path opened in the early ’70s trace a trajectory contained in the food and ... Read More »

Pantagruel Restaurant

Seafood cuisine from Tonino Napoli, Chef and Patron of the Pantragruel restaurant,located in a magnificent building from the 500 at the old town of Rende. The restaurant prepares only fish with extreme care, sensitivity and the in-depth knowledge of the raw ingredient. Accompanied in the kitchen by his wife Silvana whilst his son Cadore runs the main restaurant’s salon. The ... Read More »

Lido Sabbia d’Oro Restaurant

The chimes of the sea food from Palmino and Anna Costa resonate from the Costa dei Cedri (Cedars Cost) between Diamante and Belvedere Maritimo. Their restaurant with the friendly welcome which is the prerogative of the three sons, Alessandro, Giuseppe and Fabrizio is never to be forgotten. Real food lovers know very well how hard it is to be without ... Read More »

L’Aragosta Restaurant

Praise a generous sea in every dish is the constant exercise of the L’Aragosta Restaurant’s kitchen. The prawns, snappers, lobsters and swordfish are nestled as vibrant gemstones in the refined dishes of the restaurant that with undiminished passion ithas always been run by the family Bazzarelli: Giovanni, who also runs the restaurant’s main salon, his wife Teresa in the kitchen, ... Read More »

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