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What are the De. Co. products

The “communal denomination” was an intuition created by the well-known food and wine journalist Luigi Veronelli (1926-2004), who in the late ’90s began a new development path promoting those niche products exclusive of a specific municipality that could not obtain the denomination (PDO, PGI, TSG). He argued in countless meetings, conferences and through his writings a “return to the people ... Read More »

Cortale’s Silk

The art of weaving in Cortale (CZ) has always been present: Women of Cortale wore shawls made ​​of linen, cotton and silk with very unique designs and colours (derived from natural dyes) and easily recognizable, such as those striped used up to the 900. The famous German linguist and anthropologist Gerhard Rohlfs depicted in 1924 the women of ancient Cortale ... Read More »

The sweet Graffióla and Graffioláre

The “graffiòla” is the traditional cortalese desert or sweet which origins are very old. The eldest Cortalesen remember that the Graffiòle were the deserts or sweet prepared for the traditional festivals and weddings: among the sweets made ​​for the occasions the preferred one was the Graffiòla, everyone’s favourite. Back in the ’30s there was already a hunger for these sweets, ... Read More »

Cortale’s beans

The picturesque town of Cortale is located between the rivers Pilla and Pesipa at 400 mts above sea level between the plains of Lamezia Terme and the isthmus of Catanzaro. The pleasant valleys with beautiful chestnut forests and beech trees gradually gives way to the pine forests that reach altitudes of 800 mts above sea level. Thanks to a fresh ... Read More »

L’Annona di Reggio Calabria

The famous “Falcomatà promenade” of Reggio Calabria is home to many fine Mediterranean and tropical plants even of large dimensions. But the essences of “exotic” is not unique to “the most beautiful kilometre in Italy” but also the inner land of Reggio Calabria and the surrounding municipalities. The Annona (or Anona) for several decades has been a well-known example as ... Read More »

San Giuseppe’s Orange

With the term “San Giuseppe’s Orange” we refer to the specific varieties Belladonna e Biondo Tardivo from San Giuseppe (probable a mutation of the Belladonna) that come from of the species of orange (Citrus sinensis) cultivated and diffused in the town of Reggio Calabria between the valley of rivers Gallico and Catona, especially in the village of Villa San Giuseppe ... Read More »

Terranova’s Plums

the traditional “friars’ plums” The traditional “Terranova plums” which have the brand De.CO (Protected Designation of Communal Origin) are grown in the town of Terranova Sappo Minulio (RC). These plums are also called “plums of the friars” (or “prùna dì fràti” in local dialect) because probably they were introduced by Benedictine monks since 500. Already in 1691 Father Giovanni Fiore ... Read More »

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