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Calabrian Sopressata

Registered among the meat products with Reg. OJ L 134 of 20.01.98 15 of 21.01.98, and is the most sought cured meat among those produced in Calabria. Is produced using shoulder or thigh meat from pigs reared in Calabria. Chopped in medium size pieces and is mixed with fat and natural herbs and spices. The mixture is put in a ... Read More »

Calabrian sausage

(Products meat Reg. 134 of 20/01/98) Another cured meat delicatessen extremely well-known and which is obtained from pig shoulder meat, has cylindrical shape, is woven in a “chain” style and is the bearer of an ancient charcuterie tradition and almost a ritual that could be called “the culture of the pig.” Father Giovanni Fiore da Cropani, wrote in 1691: “The ... Read More »

Cosenza’s figs

(EU Regulation n. 596 of 07/06/11 OJEU L 162 of 22/06/11) Is recent the recognition of the DOP label of quality after a process that lasted ten years and embarked on the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza. Consenza’s figs (variety Dottato) are dried fruits, with amber pulp and aromatic sweet flavour and a pale green skin that ... Read More »

Calabrian liquorice

Also for the Calabrian liquorice (Calabria’s Black Gold) its registration as a Protected Designation of Origin (in 2011) is very recent. The D.O.P. brand is reserved exclusively for the fresh, dried and extract. This liquorice must come from crops and from the spontaneous Glychirrhiza glabra (Fam. Leguminosae), and which in Calabria this variety is called “Cordara.” The plant from which ... Read More »

Reggio Calabria’s Bergamot esential oil

(EC Regulation 509 of 03.15.01) Is in fact and essential oil produced along the coastal strip that goes from Villa S. Giovanni to Gioiosa Jonica and which includes several municipalities. Bergamot is a citrus fruit of unknown geographical origin, which its yellow skin turns out to be rich in essential oils including 350 chemical elements. Represents one the most rarest ... Read More »

Alto Crotonese Oil

(EC Regulation 1257 15:07:03) Together with the Lametia and Bruzio, the extra virgin olive oil from the Alto Crotonese is produced in the hills of the province of Crotone. According to its product specification features this oil has an extra virgin light fruity flavour, a light yellowish colour, a delicate aroma and a maximum level of acidity of not more ... Read More »

Burzio Oil

The DOP denomination for the Bruzio olive oil comes with Reg. 1065/97. Produced in the province of Cosenza and named after the city’s original settlement: Bruzi. An oil that immediately stands out from its taste and rich fruity aroma, intense colour that go from green to golden tones and preserves the original characteristics of the fruit by a legal decree. ... Read More »

Lamezia Oil

(EC Reg. 04.10.99 OJ 2107 L 258, 10.5.99) Its production includes nine municipalities of the plain of Lamezia Terme, Catanzaro. Considered one of the best extra virgin olive oils of the world and one of the finest in Italy due to its specific characteristics. Its colour ranges from green to yellow, its aromas are fruity and its flavour delicate with ... Read More »

Caciocavallo cheese from Sila

It’s the first product from Calabria to have obtained the DOP denomination (“Cheese” Reg. 07/01/96 1263, Reg. 1204 of 04.07.03 Published in OJ L 163 of 02.07.96 and OJ L. 168, 05.97.03), and the only cheese in its entire category, hence the name “King of the dairy products.” The Caciocavallo cheese is a semi-hard cheese made ​​of stretched cured and ... Read More »

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