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Sila’s potato

(Fruit, vegetables and cereals EU Regulation n. 898 of 08 .10.10). It a tuber product located in the Silane plateau where nature and land give this product unique and valuable characteristics. The ability of a long “shelf life”, the great frying characteristics, the pulp’s white-yellow colour, and its traditional strong flavour, make this potato a real product of excellence. According ... Read More »

Tropea’s red onion

(Fruit, vegetables and cereals Reg. 284, 27.03.08) Is famous all over the world for its unique “sweetness”. Introduced by the Phoenicians and Greeks, the red onion of Tropea is cultivated in the Capo Vaticano area (South of Calabria) and up over the plain of Lamezia Terme, even if the name seems to refer to the fact that the onions are ... Read More »

Calabria’s clementines

(Fruit, vegetables and cereals Reg. 2325 of 24.11.97) Is a small citrus fruit born from the mixing between mandarin and oranges. Clementine are cultivated in several varieties: Plain, Fedele, Hernandina, Marisol, Nules, Spinosa, SRA 63 and Tardiva, all cultivated in the provinces of Catanzaro, Cosenza, Crotone, Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia, becoming a much appreciated product not only in domestic ... Read More »

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