Sunday , 18 February 2018
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Chocolate millefoil with Marsala custard

Chocolate millefoil with Marsala custard

Chef Antonio Raffaele

Ingredients – For 4 people

12 chocolate puff pastries

160 grams of custard with Marsala

4 macarons with pistachio

Peach Nappage

Raspberry Topping

Passion fruit Nappage

Mango Nappage

Dark chocolate icing

White chocolate icing


Knead the dough with chocolate and place it in a baking tray to bake until fully cooked.

ready cut 12 rectangles of 3 × 12 cm.

Infuse the custard with Marsala

Glaze the plate with the fruit sauces and some chocolate, lay over a layer of the pastry rectangles and cover with the Marsala cream. Repeat the process until using all the pastry rectangles.

Finish with a sprinkle of icing sugar.

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