Sunday , 25 February 2018
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(White, Rosé, Red within the normal types, Novello and Reserve) produced in the province of Cosenza, Donnici wines are considered table wines which are made from the combination of various varieties which include the Black Magliocco (local variety of Gaglioppo) the Greco Nero and the Malvasia Bianca. The areas of cultivation and production must be in accordance with the Regulations which specifically indicates the municipalities allowed in the production of this wine which are: Aprigliano, Cellara, Cosenza, Dipignano, Figline Vegliaturo, Mangone, Paterno Calabro, Pedace, Piane Crati and Pietrafitta all in the province of Cosenza.

Among its important features we have to remember that the Donnici White has primarily a white colour with yellow or greenish undertones, fresh and pleasant aroma, dry, full-bodied, fruity and sometimes with a minimum alcohol content of 11%.  The Donnici Rosé has a more or less intense pink colour, a unique smell, delicate fresh and harmonious flavour and a minimum alcohol content of 11%. The red has a ruby-cherry red colour, a strong wine aroma, full flavoured, dry and a minimum alcohol content of 12%.

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