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Farm Civico 48

Farm Civico 48

For Vincent Lia, an entrepreneur in the agricultural sector of Corigliano (Cs), Clementines authentic pride of Calabria represent a world yet to be discovered. The company is called ‘Spes’ and is based in Crotone, currently the company is looking to build new business opportunities by exploiting the e-commerce while keeping a strong relationship with the usual farm shops of this famous citrus fruit.
‘Spes’ (from the Latin words “dream and hope”) has a valuable background rooted from the 30s when there were still orange groves on their land and the company was run by Grandfather Antonio. Then the culture of the 70s which saw the land cultivated with clementinesby his son Battista father-in-law of Vincenzo Lia.
In the Sibari’s plain its microclimate is an ideal environment for obtaining a fruit of higher quality with excellent organoleptic properties and a hybrid seedless characteristic. A fruit probably with North African origins obtained from the cross between the mandarin and the bitter orange which have many dietary virtues and health benefits.
VincenzoLia after many years of doing another job it was a return to the land, something not totally coincidental due to his studies and background as anagronomist. Today his company annually produces about 700Kg ofthe “common clementine” with the harvest concentrated in the months from October to December.
Aware of the problems related to the distribution of agricultural products that usually arrive at the consumer’s table after several days after collection, Dr.Lia found a way to bypass these problems by establishing a direct relationship and trust between the company and the consumer in order to shorten the time and always assure and absolute fresh product.
Next to ‘Spes’, you’ll find Civico 48 a national courier that delivers the clementines in just two days and at a competitive price. The citrus fruits are selected and harvested directly from the tree every morning, often being Vincenzo Lia to do it, in the evening the goods are then ready to be shipped all over Italy.
Civico 48 and Spes’ mission consists of being part of the G.A.S (purchasing groups) that bring together private associationswith the aim of promoting a culture of organic food as well as to connect consumers and producers by satisfying their interests and needs.
Returning to “Spes” clementines it should be emphasized that once collected they are not subjected to any chemical or industrial treatment that could compromise their authenticity. And from the clementines ‘Spes’ produces high quality jams adding only cane sugar from the local farm ‘Il Querceto’ at Santa Severina (Kr). “Il Querceto” specializes in the preparation of jams and marmalades recognized as real delights. VincenzoLia is convinced that it will take a lot more and that a fresh product and good jams and marmalades are only the beginning of the use of this precious Calabrianpecialty.

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