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Fratelli Marano

Fratelli Marano

Conseza’sfigs from the harvest to the processing retain a charm that takes us back in time.

Figs, a very ancient fruit that is widespread along the shores of the Mediterranean, but is knownand established that the Calabrian fig has characteristics that make it one of the tastiest of the entire Italian territory. This has also been confirmed with the DOP category recently awarded.

The fig can be eaten fresh or as the main ingredient in some desserts and refined confectionery products such as those from Marano di Amantea in Cosenza, which since 1930 has been using the fig as their main ingredients using only ancient recipes.

The “Crocette”, for example, that are woven by hand and then stuffed with almonds or walnuts and candied orange peel, then flavoured with sugar, cinnamon and bay leaf and then baked according to a recipe created 80 years ago by Bartolo Marano the company’s founder.

The collection and selection of figs, their sun dried process on bamboo racks, and finally the creative phase that ennobles the fruit, are part of a process and a completely natural cycle that makes the figs of the Marano Brothers a real Calabrian excellence.

Every generation has given to the business an original mark well adapted to the spirit of tradition while new management policies have allowed it to keep with the times if not even anticipate it with its creativity and innovation.

The founder Bartholomew Marano before embarking in its original Fig Crowns, the Crocette and the Palloni, was in charge of the collection and wholesale of fruits that in the early 900 counted as a substitute for bread for the majority of the Calabrian families.

In the 70’s & 80’s Mr. David Rino Marano (who is now in charge of production) enters in the business together with its uncle Silvio who led the company to make roots across Italy, created the excellent combination of figs with chocolate to follow with new recipes mixing other Calabrian products such as the chilli, the liquorice and the bergamot.

The next commercial developments are the distinctive mark of the third generation led by Bartolomeo Marano says Davide who brought the sweet and delicate flavour of the figs to Germany, France, USA and Brazil, and looking ahead to Eastern European markets. Sharing this enthusiasm are his two brothers who work with him with dedication and passion.

With Davide Marano the company’s relationship with the land has become one of the strong points of the marketing strategy, “The Calabrian lifestyle is greatly appreciated, so we aim at the Calabria image as a whole so our product is automatically inserted in this context, following the same model that Tuscany applied in their marketing strategy”.

So, by proposing the beauty of the region we can conquer new markets by introducingour excellent products. In recent years the range of products have been expanded and next to that the Marano Brothers have added new processes, such as for the production of chocolate Easter eggs, Panettone and refined pralines filled with original and surprising creams.

So now we have the most modern recipes adapted to the various needs of the palate, as the “Paciocchi”, now among the most popular delicious figs stuffed with almonds or walnuts, baked and proposed with a coating of extra dark, white or milk chocolate chocolate. The Ficule line made from soft figs stuffed with six different types of creams like the chilli cream or the liquorice cream and then covered in chocolate, a creation as always from the Marano brothers.

Also the Bon Bon line among the most “spiritual” in more ways than one, since they are pralines made ​​from a fig paste and various liqueurs.

As once upon a time, even today, crossing Amantea you can capture that fresh and harmonious scent that is released from the Marano Brothers “factory”, that wraps around the entire Tyrrhenian town like a heady aromatic substrate.

Massimo Ranieri

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