Sunday , 25 February 2018
Ultime News

Greco di Bianco’s card

“The future of Greco di Bianco goes hand in hand with the development of the territory.” One of the ideological reasons that drove us to put the product on the market is the desire to bring prestige and exposure to a town too often forgotten.

Is the same spirit that pushed my grandparents that right now is at odds with the territory we have before our eyes. Thinking of our passito I can think of a jewel in the desert. We need less desert and more growth in the territory, that is, an improvement in logistics, mobility, and of course more infrastructure, such as in the north where an entrepreneur can move more freely.

Certainly we cannot wait to improve the level of services, rather we must make virtue of the necessity, giving what we know how to do and in the best way. “From the point of view of production Ferdinand Lelasiis very confident of the action of the association recently born called “Megale Hellas”. However, admits that in the technical point of view there are some critical issues that must be overcome to achieve a uniformity of production for all the wineries.

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