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Identity of the Aspromonte National Park in their traditional products

Identity of the Aspromonte National Park in their traditional products

“Identity of the Aspromonte National Park in their traditional products” starts the series of meetings for the promotion of local products and identity of the Aspromonte National Park.

On Monday 14thJanuary 2012 a series of meetings organized by the National Park of Aspromonte aimed at enhancing the appreciation of the territory and its particular productive differences. The project “The identity of the Park and the products of identity” is specifically organised to show the agriculture and artisanal production of 37 different villages established in the park, with the aim of establishing the “Basket of the Park’s products”.
The project organised in six meetings looks to expose local producers in order to select those that represent the emblematic identity of the protected and surroundings areasof the Aspromonte National Park, andthose which are potentially marketable under a collective brand called “Product of the Park.”
In this event also will be present representatives of the Integrated Chain for the Territorial Development including retailing and tourism businesses, with the aim of expanding as much as possible the exposure of these products especially to make this initiative profitable for local producers.
“Is a project that wants to start from the basics involving all the businesses present throughout the territory” as explains Mr. Antonio Alvaro member of the committee. Local entrepreneurs are the real protagonists of the development, who will be then encouraged to create networks with the help of the appropriate associations.
The aim is to stimulate cooperation, especially with regard to agricultural and livestock derived products in order to be able to select certain products which can be mass marketed and their value enhanced by having the Park’s brand. It will also benefit from the food, wine, rural and ecotourism since the characteristics and traditional productions are an important pull factor, especially in the protected denomination areas.
Tommaso Tedesco, director of the Park, points out that “the project as a whole wants to make sure that there is an economic and practical benefit for the vast rural communities, but also for the new entrants to the market: sales points directly within farms and businesses, food shops, and traditional restaurants also outside of the denomination protected areas.
This is also to promote outside the Park, the Park itself and its agricultural resources, livestock and all the peculiarities of traditional food that still needs to be discovered and made visible, but above all it must be easy available and marketable.“
The meetings will consist of six stages that will embrace all of the Park’s territory to encourage and help entrepreneurs, who may participate and express their interest in one of the scheduled meetings.
It starts Monday 14th of January at 5:30pm at the St. Eufemia d’Aspromonte town hall for all the businesses belonging to the Scido, Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte, Sinopoli, Cosoleto and Delianuova city councils. Tuesday 15th January at the same time of 5:30pm at the Santo Stefano town hall in Aspromonte, for all the businesses belonging to the Scilla, Reggio Calabria and Cardeto city councils.
Wednesday 16th January in Cittanova at the prestigious congress centre Polo Solidale della Legalità (in Via Merano, Piazza Corce). The meeting will also cover the producers from San Giorgio Morgeto, Cinquefrondi, Oppido Mamertina, Molochio and Varapodio. Thursday 17thJanuary inthe town of Mammola at the Mountain Community center “Limina-Stilaro Allaro” the event will host businesses from Antonimina, Ciminà, Canolo and Gerace city councils.
Friday, 18th January at the Palizzi City Hall the meeting will host businesses from Bova, Condofuri, Roghudi, Roccaforte del Greco, San Lorenzo and Bagaladi. Finally on Monday 21st January at 5:30pm at the Africo City Hall there will be present businesses from St. Luca, S. Agata del Bianco, Samos, Bruzzano Zeffirio, Careri, Staiti and Platì.
Following the scheduled meetings coordinated by the agronomist Previtera Rosario, and on the basis of the requests received from the territory, monitoring will take place regarding the products to be included in the “basket” and the creation of the Commercial Discipline for the gastronomic, tourism and agritourism supply chain.


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