Monday , 19 March 2018
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Kerkira Tavern Restaurant

Kerkira Tavern Restaurant

The Kerkira Tavern is the successful partnership between the flavours of the Greek island of Corfu and Calabria. The restaurant’s main ingredient is of course the fish that is extensively used in different ways throughout the recipes from the Ionian Island that Patron Fulvio Dato learned from his mother who was born in Kerkyra (Corfu), and from the gastronomic traditions of Calabria. Of course meat alternatives are also present in the menu.
Both form a single unisonof flavours and sensations that characterised a unique restaurant that also looks towards Sicily due to its location in the heart of the Mediterranean.
Finally you can experience the ever sought and superb desserts from Rosvita Dato. The cellar counts with mainly Calabrian and Sicilian wines, but also aromatic wines and of course Greek wines. Average price is €50 for a full menu including drinks. Ristorante Taverna Kerkira, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 217-Bagnara. Info: tel. 0966.372260

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