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Kouvala – Elvira De Leo Farm

Kouvala – Elvira De Leo Farm

The search for the optimum is the philosophy of the extra virgin olive production of Kouvala, the extra olive oil brand from “Elvira De Leo Farm” in Bagnara (Rc) on the Costa Viola. Produced with care with genuine passion and derived from antique lands belonging to the family since 1806 and that span for 70 hectares.
The highquality “juice” derived from a unique bouquet and rich in essential micronutrients and benefits is obtained after a meticulous process that starts from the groves located at 500mts above sea level and ending at the modern oil mill.
The excellence of the result stems from a careful coordination, the company is led with true entrepreneurial verve by Ms. Elvira De Leo that with the synergy that develops between human resources with contemporary olive tools and techniques. The company’s work involves and unites the whole family: Giuseppe Canale, husband of Elvira De Leo, directs and manages the production mill, while the daughters Julia and Paola deal respectively with the admin, marketing and sales.
The company has been present on the market with two mono-varietal oils, Caroleawith a sweeter and more delicate flavour, and the ‘Ottobratica adistinctly fruitierwhich high quality is guaranteed by the extreme care with which it has been prepared during the production cycle. Each production stage is constantly followed by the family with the assistance of a trusted expert the agronomist Dr. Antonio Malara but ultimately the contribution and knowledge of their workers is the most important input.
The olive harvest takes place when the olives offer the best performance in terms of organolettico and nutritious benefits. The transition from the field to the mill and thus the processing speed is very fast and in a few hours we get the superb oil Kouvala. The extraction system uses the Sinolea that works at low temperature (less than 30°) allowing the production to make an extra virgin olive oil with low acidity which means very close to having the perfect oil.
Many things have changed over time through the innovation that has revolutionized the olive production, but the company’s philosophy has always been symbolically delineated by the slogan “authenticity is our creed”. The range has recently been expanded by the introduction of two special seasonings absolutely natural, the result of an invention and a secret recipe fromMrs. Elvira De Leo, which combines the unmatched quality of the extra virgin Kouvalaand two traditional citrus fruits from Reggio Calabria, the Bergamot and the Citron.
In the kitchen, the two condiments are much appreciated by gourmet chef for their inherent ability to creatively finish any dish. The Kouvalaextra virgin olive oil has recently received wide acclaims at the “Salone del Gusto” in Turin and now is in the best food shops, primarily gourmet shop “Castroni” in Rome (Info:

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