Monday , 19 March 2018
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La Locanda di Alia Restaurant

La Locanda di Alia Restaurant

Icon of the Calabrian cuisine and hospitality the “Locanda di Alia” reigns among the Pollino National Park and the legendary Sibari. The restaurant offers regional cuisine, streamlined and adapted to contemporary taste, as well as attentive to the quality of the raw ingredients and respectful of local products.
The fish, for example, comes from Corigliano (Ionian Sea) and the meat comes directly from nearby producers. The family Alia is constantly committed to seeking new flavours that the Chef combines simple and in an elegant way by following the teachings of the family tradition.
Great has been the discovery of the famous‘Nduja, which Alia championed for to use in high level cuisine. The most famous local dish is the “Candele alla ‘Nduja” a type of pasta dish. The restaurant offers a range of dishes that have made gastronomic history. For foodies in search of new flavours Alia is re-launching the “buzzonaglia tuna” and in this period the menu counts with the extraordinary “Natalini figs salad”.
The wine collection ranges from big names to a selection of the best Italian wines. (Average price is €30 excluding drinks). Castrovillari (Cs), via Ietticelli 55 – Info: phone +39 0981 46370 – Fax +39 0984 656010 –

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