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La Tranquilla Farm

La Tranquilla Farm

Monte Poro is no longer just the vast Apennine slopes towards the Tyrrhenian side of Italy, but also the holder of a Pecorino cheese of high quality and excellence winner of many awards at national level. The builders of this reality are the brothers Rosario and Gaetano Pochiero, owners of “Farm La Tranquilla” in San Calogero, Province of ViboValentia andwhich recently won an exclusive podium position in the prestigious “GamberoRosso” guide of the best Italian cheeses in 2012.
The two brothers took the reins of business when they were still college students under the pressure of a long pervasive and traditional relationship with the land that is one of the cornerstones of family’s history.
The renowned pecorino “Monte Poro” is a gastronomic excellence which has its hub in the Pochierofamily which directly control its production even in the smallest detail. From the sheep breeding which they do with a careful eye for the welfare of the animals until the transformation process. The Pochiero brothers are shepherds and cheese makers at the same time, heirs of a legacy that has been handed down for four generations.
The taste of the “Monte Poro” cheese comes from the rich variety of herbs of pasture,quality of forage and the quality of the milk process which uses traditional techniques. But how does a gastronomic excellence is born? “The insertion of our sheep cheese in the “GamberoRosso” guide was a big surprise says Mr.Rosario Pochiero, we didn’t expect to have created such an important product.
Certainly a great cheese takes a lot of work, passion, patience and those principles that have inspired our business philosophy tradition and technological innovation. “Behind the success of the brothers Pochiero there is an absolute dedication to a craft that is certainly challenging, but from which we can derive a lot of satisfaction, “I am a young entrepreneur says Mr.Rosario, and in ten years I have reached a level that I would not have ever dreamed of.
The pecorino “Monte Porois a niche cheese with limited production and distributed in an area that aspires to travel within the channels of fine food shops and fine dining restaurants which are the ideal sector to highlight the characteristics and features of this cheese.
The “La Tranquilla” farm is proud of becoming a reference point in the production of cheeses, and taking into its responsibility the balanced of having to take into vogue the excellence of a territory helping to re-evaluate and where they hope to have introduced incentives to emulate with the development of the various projects that lends itself to offer a wide variety of food products.


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