Monday , 19 March 2018
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(White, Rosé, Red within the normal types, Novello and Reserve) with indication of the vineyard: Greco (Bianco). Produced in the province of Catanzaro (within the municipalities of Francavilla Angitola, Curinga, Falerna, Feroleto Antico, Gizzeria, Lamezia Terme, Maida, Pianopoli and San Pietro a Maida the province of Catanzaro has another historical wine that has ancient origins.

Its production can be traced back to the year 2000 BC when the Phoenicians lived on the Calabrian coasts. For the red and novello (new) the alcohol content is 11%. For the white, rosé and sparkling the alcohol content is instead 10.5%. The red has a beautiful ruby-cherry red ​​colour, is pleasantly alcoholic and not very suitable for aging but has a dry flavour with a full body consistency sometimes with a harmonious soft taste.

The rosé which has a more or less intense pink colour, delicate aroma, a dry and fragrant flavour and an alcohol content of 11.5%. Instead the characteristics of the white reaches alcohol content of 11% with a more or less intense straw colour and a dry and velvety full flavour.

Then we have then Lamezia Greco, which unlike the white has a pleasant and fresh characteristic aroma. Before 1968 ie, before it became the province Lamezia Terme the wine was marketed under the name of the municipalities of origin.

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