Monday , 19 March 2018
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L’Aragosta Restaurant

L’Aragosta Restaurant

Praise a generous sea in every dish is the constant exercise of the L’Aragosta Restaurant’s kitchen. The prawns, snappers, lobsters and swordfish are nestled as vibrant gemstones in the refined dishes of the restaurant that with undiminished passion ithas always been run by the family Bazzarelli: Giovanni, who also runs the restaurant’s main salon, his wife Teresa in the kitchen, his sons Antonio (who runs the cellar and a sommelier himself) and Luca (a master of the fish starters) all devoutly aimed to offer the best in the art of seducing the palate with magnificent flavours.
If the sea is at the centre of the culinary philosophy its equilibrium comes from the trophies of the generous land of Calabria. Mythical are the match of flavours between the “Lobster with roe and red onion from Torpea”or the sweet combination of”Prawns with chestnut honey”.
In the cellar you’ll find over 500 wines that mainly include wines from the Southern of Italy. Average price excluding drinks is €50. The Lobster Restaurant, Strada Statale 18, Km 335, 88040 Marina di Nocera Terinese (Cz) Info: 0968.93385 – Fax 0968.938975

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