Sunday , 25 February 2018
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Lido Sabbia d’Oro Restaurant

Lido Sabbia d’Oro Restaurant

The chimes of the sea food from Palmino and Anna Costa resonate from the Costa dei Cedri (Cedars Cost) between Diamante and Belvedere Maritimo. Their restaurant with the friendly welcome which is the prerogative of the three sons, Alessandro, Giuseppe and Fabrizio is never to be forgotten.

Real food lovers know very well how hard it is to be without dishes prepared with prawns, cherry tomatoes, radicchio and rocket, which are the real specialty of the house. The restaurant has a nautical focus and the Tyrrhenian Sea is generous of fish of all species that become guests of original recipes with rich flavours and prepared with the best raw ingredients.

As Palmino Raffo counts with the culture of excellence dishes such as “Raganelle with anchovies”,”Swordfish arraganato”,”Seafood nest with potatoes and Cernia fish” are a must, together with the famous tarts. The cellar gives priority to Southern wines and local Calabrian production. Average price is €30 to €35. Lido Sabbia d’Oro Via Piano Women, 7. 87021 Belvedere Maritimo Tel 0985.88456

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