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Luigi Canino Farm

Luigi Canino Farm

From the slopes that rise from the Ionian Sea to the PresilaCatanzarese and those from the Gulf of Squillace advancing in the direction of Preserre Catanzaro, comes the organic extra virgin olive oil from Luigi Canino’s Farm.
And this is an area ideal suited for the growing olives due to its unspoiled nature, soil fertility and continuous sun exposure. Behind the company, led today by Mr.Louis Canino there is a long family tradition, opened by his grandfather and continued by Mr.Rosario Canino with a unique corporate philosophy that has always focused on the quality of the product.
Mr. Louis Canino still has memories of when the olives were harvested from the earthand who still belongs to that category of producers that recognizes the virtue and generosity of the territory. Who respectsthe vocation and loves to find the most authentic essence of its products.
The two extra virgin olive oils from Farm Canino marketed under the labels ‘Due Mari’ and ‘Jolio’, are the highlight of the production and the result of a special path carefully monitored and following the processes of organic farming.
The Casino’s farm agronomists constantly monitor the humus’ quality to give the olive its optimal conditions for development; specially in those lands orientated to organic cultivation were organic products are used and appropriate techniques are applied to create the natural fertility of the soil.
After harvesting and pressing the olives, the oil is stored in modern stainless steel containers which ensure a better preservation creating that hermetic barrier from the negative action of light, air and odours, which otherwise would compromise its characteristics, quality and health properties of the product. Finally the product is bottled, labelled and ready for consumption.
The procedure followed by Canino Farm for the production of its oil allows the product to enhance its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics, offering consumers the unique qualities of taste, aroma and colour that distinguish the farm’s production.
The extra virgin olive oil from MasseriaCaninosays more than that of the word ‘organic’, a an oil controlled and certified by the independent ‘Soil and Health’ association, and with the certificateof traceability issued  by the ‘DNV’ through a code that allows consumers to trace and verify the production stages from harvesting to bottling.
Canino’s farm oils are also subjected to the Test Panel, a sensory analysis performed by a group of experts whose task is to evaluate and certify the organoleptic characteristics. From the commercial point of view, the company has established itself the local, national and in foreign markets through the implementation of a looking ahead policy which aimed at innovation and excellence, values that nowadays represent the choices consumers want to make, becoming more aware and actively looking for specific guarantees of quality a product has.
In short, Canino’s Farm olive growing is a real asset that every generation has been able to adapt and transform throughout time, a cycle that its owner dreams todayit can still be realized with the input of his children working on the farm.


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