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Masseria Fornara

Masseria Fornara

From the early 80s that an established and historicalcompany such as “Masseria Fornara” from the Elio brothers Matthew and Eugene located in the Plain of Sibari has been working for 5 generations engaged in different agricultural production. The farm has been directed towards what is apparent an inedited Calabrian culture, but that in fact had already been discovered in recent times through the oldest product of rice.
Today Masseria Fornara is on the market with different varieties of corn, but in particular with the “King of rices” the Carnaroli rice which due to Sibari’s environmental characteristics gives the rice its “organoleptic” properties and its unique taste.
Before closing the chain circle with a product labelled, Farmhouse Fornara, was a reservoir of “paddy” rice mills to the north of Italy, where the corn was processed into white rice and rice seed.
In 2006 alone, the production which is spread over 60 hectares will not only be harvested but also processed, packaged and exclusively available to the Calabrian market.
The Carnaroli rice for his particular not too high “cut” is the variety that is most suitable to be grown in the Plains of Sibari where strong winds are present making an excellent environment for the development of rice plants that can reach even 90 cm in height.
A favourable microclimate characterized by increased sun exposure allows the anticipation of the harvest of up to 15 days compared to normal production cycles of 150 days from the traditional rice paddies of the north.
Beyond the methods and production techniques, however, are precisely the characteristics of the area with a favourable climate and its proximity to the sea that form a real ideal growing climate, as Mr. Matteo Perciaccante marks. Due to this exclusive summer crop and “underground” type the Carnaroli rice from Sibari has a special flavour that harmonises with its big grains and consistency that do not peel keeping its natural goodness and flavour throughout its cooking and consumption.
In addition to the “Carnaroli white,” Masseria Fornara” produces the “Carnaroli Brown” with large and pearled grains suitable for rice salads and soups. Finally there is the Ganges, an aromatic rice from India suitable for the preparation of side dishes and salads. The company has also plans to start production of the original round rice.
Currently the production of Masseria Fornara has around 1.2 to 1.5 tonnes of white rice suitable for processing or to be vacuumed sealed. The distribution of Masseria Fornara’s rice has found for many years now the favour of the Calabrian families and is currently appreciated within the food sector appearing in gourmet shops and in the capitals of high quality cuisine arriving also in Puglia and Basilicata.

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