Sunday , 18 February 2018
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Migliarese Bruno e Figli Farm

In one of the most evocative and naturalistic places of the Ionian Sea in the town of Soverato (Catanzaro Province) you’ll find farm Migliarese active for 40 years now and which is the pride and joy of this area. Migliarese is a farmthat specializes in the production of extra virgin olive oil and high quality organic fruits and vegetables.
The history of this entrepreneurship business which today besides the Italian market is gearing up for exports has its roots in the 60s when Mr.Bruno Migliaresereturnes to Montepaone(Cz) from Switzerland where he had emigrated together with his brothers and dedicated part of his life to agricultural production and at the beginning to the animal industry.
In the following years the company consolidates and develops itself focusing in the open field cultivation and starting the greenhouse protected cultivation. In 1998, the “frantoio” (olive oil production)is open and using a cold process today we find this precious “green old” cold extra virgin olive oil. An olive oil produced from the type of olive called “Carolea” traditional from the Ionian area of Catanzaro. From this two high quality oils are made, the Gocce di Nausicaa Green Gold and the Gocce di Nausicaa Gold, the first with a more intense flavour and the second with a more delicate flavour, that apart from their commercial success have gained several recognitions.
Without completely leaving the business to others, its director Mr.Bruno Migliarese today is still the company director, while his sons Giuseppe and Francesco are respectively in charge of the marketing, production and processing. In the family Migliarese passion for the earth is a value and a knowledge that has been transmitted from one generation to the next, also accompanied with an ethic of the production process whose principles are still the basis of production.
From the fields overlooking the Ionian Sea, crops give genuine and generous jewels that pass through a processing and packaging system. The company occupies its entire capacity without neglecting its sales in situ and its direct relationship with its consumers, offering as well freshly picked vegetables and fruits.
The company’s agronomist grew up in the family, Mr.Francesco Migliarese who divides its time between the on-site work and the foreign work and always driven by the desire to promote the business but always with Calabria in his mind: “I remember when I was a kid and my parents took me with them to the fields.
I wasn’t thrilled confesses because I would rather go out with my friends, but now I have to thank them for all that I have gained in that period. Today I am realizing a dream of making the highest quality products and proud to demonstrate that in our region we are able to do something good by exploiting the positive in us despite our Calabrianstubborn head”.
In the Migliaresecompany modern agriculture processes are used, as well as a careful selection of the raw ingredients and a quick start of the crops processing system using the most advanced technologies to best preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the olives.
For the entire Migliarese product line including oils, tomatoes, marmalades, jams and vegetables, we only use fresh raw ingredients from organic sources produced directly by the farm and expertly prepared to get an excellent final product that is an expression of all the beauty and goodness of natural resources and gift of this territory. (

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