Monday , 19 March 2018
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Nature Med

“The King of Liquorice”, this is how Nature Med has been classified. The Cosentine company that now collects recognitionsabroad as well as in Italy.
Past and present, natural resources, Calabrian entrepreneurship, strategic vision and courage, all contained in a brand that has gained a market share against the challengespresented by the giants of the Italian and foreign industry and led by sincere passion and conviction of having a unique product.
Gone through an uphill road with obstacles and misunderstandings, but ultimately the challenges were met with determination and a lot of energy, time and with the certainty that Mother Nature had infused liquorice rootsin Calabria to make it an exclusive feature of the region. Also with the addition of Zagarese a local business founded in 1886 that still had something tosay, Nature Med expects to further the Calabrian heritage.
We’re not suggesting that Calabrian liquorice is better than Chinese, Iranian or other sources saysDr. Antonio Massarottoowner of the company, is just that Calabrian liquorice is different from all the others, and this has been confirmed by the chemical analysis performed on the roots, and this diversity is what makes our identity.
The strength of the Calabrian liquorice and its low percentage of glycyrrhizin (around 3%)  characteristics of a quality that makes it more valuable than that imported which reaches far higher levels.
The liquorice industry is one that is orientated towards the production for bars, delis, health food stores, pharmacies, retail distribution and restaurants, but the potential of this root has been recognized for its medicinal properties moving its production towards the natural and alternative medicine in uses like an anti-caries and anti-ulcer medicines, whilst in some occasions has even been included in the treatment of hepatitis C. Recently, research has focused on other diseases which may include psoriasis and diabetes.
Over the past 12 yearssays Dr. Massarotto there have been published over 7,000 works, from botanical, chemistry, pharmacology and the medical, an uncommon event within the studies of medicinal plants. If I were an entrepreneur with large capacity I would direct my attention to the research, development and application of the extraordinary qualities of this plant for human health.
But for the moment remains a beautiful dream. Today Nature Med is a mark of excellence within the agriculture that devotes its liquorice production for a classic market, not forgetting the great consideration liquorice has in high level cuisine.
Dr. Massarotto has been the standard bearer of the enhancement for the Calabrian liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra and Rigulizia Cordara) and for the conquest of the Protected Designation of Origin recognized in 2012 (of which he sought for the last 11 years). Also he is recognised for gathering many businesses around the idea and the project which included producers, manufacturers and confectionaries, a project born and then moved towards the growth of the consortium.
The company, today, bears the imprint of the family who sees their sons directing with skill and passion all the steps leading to place the product on the market, where Nature Med is present through the following brands: Reglisse 1886, Tafty, Family Tradition, Rigulizia Cordara Zen.
The implacable Massarotto is also the creator of the liquorice liqueur while the specific line of alcoholic beverages has been enriched with Rubedo and Nigredo a true grappa Trentino style with liquorice root or liquorice essence.
This stunning economic reality, the flagship of the territory and the whole of Calabria is based not only on the experience of a deep-rooted tradition, the strong focus on innovation, the natural environment and social development, but with the eye to the future and an improvement that will be realized with the numerous and fruitful collaborations that see it engaged in projects with universities and research centres.

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