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Nicola Colavolpe

Nicola Colavolpe

Nicola Colavolpe’sfigs are those that tell a story of a familiar territory. The company was founded in the early years of the last century by the intuition of the founder Nicola Colavolpe, a native from the town of Amalfi, which introduces the fig “Crocette” swirled and stuffed with almonds, walnuts and orange peel, which now are now sold with an original packaging showing a Nouveau Art style. The particular goodness of the “Crocette” spreads quickly thanks to insightful business policy of Nicholas Colavolpe who has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad.
The awards, medals, and recognitions will come in abundance to this unique taste and refined product from Colavolpe. Not least the “Merit of the Savoy House” and the inclusion in the exclusive list of suppliers to the royal families. The foundations laid by Nicola Colavolpe are strong and continue on its way by drawing a corporate course of growing consensus.
With the second generation arrives Mr. Emanuele Colavolpe, with a strong business acumen and who consolidates the achievements of his father, expanding their market share and focusing on quality of the product and the careful choice of local ingredients. With the family’s third generation the business becomes a true confectionery company that moving within the tradition created seasons of innovation and growth, so much so that today the range “Nicola Colavolpe” has expanded offering sweet pleasures all year round with the usual traditional taste of figs and new and refined delicacies.
“We have always paid attention says Mr. Dino Colavolpe to pick the best ingredients from Calabria’s, figs, candied and citrus fruits, even the pralines have a Calabrian heart made of Calabrian figs which are then enriched with walnut, pistachio and other creams. We gave space to the imagination but also to meet the needs of the consumer’s palates. “The raw ingredient is the famous fig that grows from trees between 10 and 40 meters high in the Valle del Crati area.
Once the crop has been harvested is then naturally sun dried and transferred to the company’s production process to be processed only by female hands. In addition to the “Classic” which are the most simple and traditional figs there are an amazing variety of Gourmandises that prove the versatility of the fruit. You’ll find “Gli Spiritosi” made from grappa and rum, the “Fiocchi di Neve”, “Le Morette”, “I Folletti”and”I Bocconcini”all covered with chocolate, and even a Panettone, an ideal bridge between the traditions of the south and the north.
The company now bears the name of the eldest of the brothers, Nicola thatwhilst at the University of Siena felt the irresistible urge to move closer to the family and the company which he has represented for many years now always being the real creative force.
Today Dino and Julia Colavolpeplan the marketing strategies proudly carrying forward the values and principles that the company has always expressed: the quality, selection of raw ingredients, innovation and tradition, but also the proverbial passion and dedication and the special relationship with all employees.
Dino and Julia are two Calabrian d.o.c. who strongly believe in the resources of the land, human and nature.”Colavolpe” figs are a niche product that represents excellence and the very essence of the region and that the third generation established in the most exclusive and international places such as Bel Paese, in Via Montenapoleone in Milan, and Via Condotti in Rome. Like their grandfather they continue to successfullybe present in the most authoritativenational and international festivals.

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