Sunday , 25 February 2018
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Osteria del Vicolo

Osteria del Vicolo

L’Osteria del Vicolo flatters the great tradition by offering the gourmet cuisine of Calabria and in particular mormannese (from the town of Mormanno).
Here ingenuity is at home, as is the warm and friendly hospitality. The restaurant has been run by the Armentano family for the last 40 years and which are also engaged in the direct production of the ingredients that they bring to the table along with assets of the rural economy of the territory.
The homemade pasta, podolica meat, the black pig and venison are just a few examples, and then there’s that authentic specialty which is represented by the multi-colored Mormanno lentils(Slow Food Presidium) offered in its famous soup which has turned into the real strong point of the restaurant.
With the combination of delicious dishes and traditional Calabrian and Southern Italian wines, the Armentano family also proposes their family wine, ared that accompanies the pleasure of each course. And to close the perfect meal the Armentano family offers a classic desert, the Bocconotto Mormanno, which is a pastry filled with jam or almond paste. Average price excluding drinks € 25 to €30 Osteria del Vicolo, Vico I San Francesco, 5 Mormanno (Cs). Info: tel.0981.80475, mobile 3395844132-3405932403;

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