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Paradiso dei Golosi

Paradiso dei Golosi

Paradiso dei Golosi from Santo Cauteruccio with its authentic and genuine goodness, skilfully packaged in glass jars adds a touch of fantasy to the table offering from antipasti to sweets. The company located in the town of Buonvicino (Cosenza) in the skirts of the Pollino National Park, specializes in the production of the best products of the Calabrian land and southern regions.
The chilli, in all its forms, and the famous jams make the strength point of the business that since 1996 produces culinary excellence by vocation and passion based on traditional recipes and those created from scratch.
The range of products made by Santo Cauteruccio, which together with his life partner and wife Mrs. Angelica run the business in all its functions. Paradiso dei Golosi not only offers chilli products and jams, but they go beyond the horizon of these products to offer other types of conserves with unimaginable flavours and truthfulness which encapsulate the business’ philosophy of “quality at any cost”. A goal that has been constantly pursued with a process synonymous of quality, strict selection of ingredients, accurate processing and controlling methods throughout all stages of production, all aimed at the goal and desire of bringing into the market not just a product but a truly unique added value.
The production cycle is started within 24 hours from the purchase of the fresh ingredients which are selectedin the field directly by Santo Cauteruccio, and which are subsequently subjectto further control before scrupulously being washed. The latter is a very important step as these jams and preserves also include their aromatic peel, passing then to the drying process done by centrifuge.
The sott’oli or antipasti are firstly acidified with vinegar and then the traditional herbs and spices from the Mediterranean cuisine are added.
In regards to the marmalades and jams, the fruit firstly is cored, then softened in running water, then milled together with their peel and finally cooked with sugar.
The last stageof the production process is the bottling in glass jars and subsequent pasteurisationin a water bath at high temperatures.
For the sauces, however, they infused extra virgin olive oil with the basic ingredients (mushrooms, aubergine and ‘nduja among others), then the chopped tomatoes are added for finally leaving the ingredients to cook. When the sauces are ready they get bottled and pasteurised at high temperatures in a water bath.
The flavoured oils instead are obtained by infusing fresh herbs (chilli, lemon, basil, rosemary and mushrooms, among others) in extra virgin olive oil.
Paradiso dei Golosi is an up to date business with modern production technologies without sacrificing its artisan and traditional methods and identity by keeping a work force of 5 female kitchen staff, which represent an important human resource within the business due to their extraordinary cooking skills and tastes.
Since its creation, there have been many awards won by Paradiso dei Golosi, which has participated in the most renowned national food festival, such as the “Salone del Gusto” (Turin), “Cibus” (Parma) “Salus” (Bolzano). The last official commendation was the “Gambero Rosso” review which positioned Paradiso dei Golosi’s “Sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil” in the top ten of special antipasti and in third place on the podium, a result of which Santo Cauteruccio is really proud of.
The product lines offered by Paradiso dei golosi are many, here are some of them: “I Classici” (the classics) which you can find the mouth-watering “round chillies stuffed with tuna”, “The Dried herbs”where you can find pure chilli. The “Esagonali” with the “Chilli Cream” used to flavour pasta and curries, the “Salsa Paradiso” prepared with vegetables and hot chilli for a delicious starter, canapé or hors d’oeuvres. Finally the famous “Calabrian Cream” for tasty sandwiches made with olives, red chilli and wild fennel.
Then there are the “Monoportions” with the “Chilli Cream” to flavour pasta dishes. Finally “The Special Line” with the delicious orange marmalade to put on ice cream or as crȇpes filling, the lemon marmalade to accompany cheese or as cake or tart filling, and the exquisite bergamot and mandarin. All products made with authentic art and passion that count with a loyal customer base and found in the best boutiques and gourmet food shops in Italy and around the World.

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