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Pasta Producer Pirro

Pasta Producer Pirro

Once there was the custom to bring good homemade pasta to the table that was prepared with simple and genuine ingredients.
Today that healthy custom printed in the memory of many generations is perpetuated thanks to the production of Pasta Pirro in the town of Corigliano, Cosenza Province. Pastificio Pirro in the name of tradition selects and uses only natural ingredients to give its customers a product of the highest quality.
Is for this reason that the business slogan encompasses the company’s philosophy which is “Pasta Pirro: A choice of quality”.
As Mr. Francesco Pirro(Sales Manager) explains,our pasta making techniques is firstly developed organically and then technologically as to offer a very special pasta.
The continued and growing demand for these products has called for a progressive over time increase in production. Although it remains firmly anchored to the original criteria, our company is not industrially made but rather an artisan production.
All the equipment used in the production is of limited size and tuned to work within an artisan environment resulting in labor-intensive to use and control. The wide range of Pasta Pirro’s fresh and dry pasta as well as the “pasta to taste” line which include pastas made with chilli, salmon, mushrooms, squid ink, and basil among others, are produced following a thorough process that includes the use of bronze moulds. This system follows the continuous research for quality within the limits of tradition. All dough is prepared at low temperature to avoid thermal damage to proteins; the drying is slow going from 16 to 30 hours depending on the shape and to maintain the structure of the glutenwhich is an important aspect of high quality pasta.
The company has a meticulous attention to the selection of its ingredients which have to be of excellent quality: fresh pasteurized eggs from free range hens, durum semolina with a high content of protein, gluten index and granulometric value, as well as low ash content.
As Mr. Francesco Pirro emphasises, we use traditional methods in modern equipment to ensure high quality and genuine taste which allows us to keep alive the “spirit” of the most authentic Mediterranean culinary tradition.
The product is presented to customers with a pale yellow color, free of impurities, very flexible for optimal cooking and very porous suitable to take on the most elusive of sauces: 1 kg of dry pasta after cooked will give the equivalent of 2.4 kg of product.
“Pasta Pirro” is an established artisanproducer in Calabria who not only managed to dominate the regional market but also abroad: “We expect (Francesco Pirro says) to further develop the business in Calabria, where we are already the leading fresh pasta producer, however, we are always looking for new markets, including through the participation in food festivals and exhibitions”.


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