Sunday , 18 February 2018
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San Giuseppe’s Orange

With the term “San Giuseppe’s Orange” we refer to the specific varieties Belladonna e Biondo Tardivo from San Giuseppe (probable a mutation of the Belladonna) that come from of the species of orange (Citrus sinensis) cultivated and diffused in the town of Reggio Calabria between the valley of rivers Gallico and Catona, especially in the village of Villa San Giuseppe hence the name of the citrus fruit. The denomination DE.C.O. expects that the oranges might possibly be cultivated also in “buffer zones” suited and traditionally affected by the cultivation in small neighbouring municipalities (belonging to the same “system of the valleys”) about 6 km from the coast and potentially up to 350 mts above sea level. The Orange of San Giuseppe is presented as strong plant with wide crown, rounded and not very dense.


The leaves are elliptical in shape, deep green and with slightly rounded apex. The trunk and branches of more than three years old are provided with cones gemmari, while the young shoots have short internodes. The trunk of this Belladonna inseminated on sour orange has a greater development than the original specimen from which was inseminated. The San Giuseppe Orange is defined as late cultivation. Between February and March you can enjoy the first fruits which will be fully mature between April and May, the fruit however may well remain on the plant until June.

The fruit, orange colour has an oval shape and is seedless (or presents very few seeds: generally from 1 to 3), has a medium size of approx. 7.5 cm in diameter and can reach a size of up to 8 cm of longitudinal diameter. It has an average weight of 220gr. The thickness of the skin is medium (5-6 mm) with an average papillae surface. The pulp is rich in juice always approx. 51%.

A sweet and permanent taste

The hesperidium of the “San Giuseppe Orange” has a high concentration of sugar which tends to increase from March to May. The juice yield decreases towards May-June as well as its acidity. During May the fruit has a good concentration of vitamin C which can reach 43.20 mg/100 ml. There are non-significant changes found between the areas of the vallata del Gallico and the vallata del Catona that have soil with different composition.

From San Giuseppe orange you can get drinkable juice, jam, honey and confectionery products.

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