Sunday , 25 February 2018
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Sant’Anna Farm

Sant’Anna Farm

The new Calabrian dairy tradition took its first steps in Campora San Giovanni in the Santanna farm ( where the milk from the Saanen dairy goat is bread in the same area.
The cheeses from this farm have a special and delicious taste characteristic of those good things made with love and passion. Either fresh or maturedSantanna’s cheeses are a pleasure for the palate, and a novelty that has been well received by all Calabrians that for the first time have tried the Tomini and Robioline cheese produced directly in Santanna’s land.
With the same mastery the farm works the sheep’s milk to suit the taste of those lovers of the Calabrian Pecorino cheeseand even cow’s milk cheeses. Responsible of this reality is Mrs. Maria Procopio o Teacher Casara who is located in the borderline of the Province of Cosenza. A Calabrian born who after living for a long period in Piedmonte where she studied at the Istituto Lattiero Caseario di Moretta and gaining experience not only in Italy but also in France, decided to return to Calabria guided by the call of her land. With her husband she decided to return to Amantea and in Mirabella road settle among the olive groves that overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea she decided to achieve her dream.
The Santanna products are of a unique quality that also surprise with their light traditional taste of products derived from goats. Also, a happy discovery that still today these produce can be introduced into our diet not only due to their healthy characteristic but due to their simplicity and elegance.
The outstanding panache of cheeses from Maria Casara even went as far as the“Salone del Gusto” festival in Turin within the family of Calabrian excellence proposed as always by the Slow Food.
Ms. Maria tells the story that before she engaged in the production of cheesesthere was a real shock for the Saanen goats, a breed originally from Switzerland and widespread in Italy, especially in the Alps and which produces a delicate low-fat milk who she discovered at a trade show in Piedmont, from here she decided immediately to buy some goats and take them to the countryside where she began to breed them.
Following the constant presence of good milk this gave the impetus to the next step (its transformation), and the final project for the breeding of the Saanen goats that gave way for the opening of a dairy farm in Calabria. The Santanna cheese ranges includes cheesesmade from acidic coagulation and from rennet. There are also those cheeses that can be considered a tribute to the Piedmonte region, those delicately aromatic, and then the Formaggella Mirabella which can be fresh, semi mature or mature.
The product line includes the wondrous mix of goat cheese and sheep, and those entirely derived from goat’s milk with a slightly sour and fresh taste. L ‘Erborinato is however the flagship of the Casara, a cheese with unique features, strong flavour and slightly spicy, with a soft and buttery texture that gets its aromatic grains thanks to the implantation of noble mold (Penicillium Rocheforti).
Then, there is the noble Ufino, a precious matured ‘nugget’ excellent for grating and which is obtained from the mix of cheese and ricotta cheese expertly flavoured with natural essences. Also flavoursome and fresh is the taste of that made entirely of goat’s milk. But Mrs. Maria is also an innovative casara who likes to try to create new taste sensations, and an innovation is the emblematic drunken cheese made with goat’s milk fermented in grapes skin from the wine production, and the Caciottina which is wrapped in fig leaves.

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