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Scutellà Pastry House

Scutellà Pastry House

“Since 1930 … time of sweetness” is the motto of the famous Pasticceria Rocco Scutellà (Scutellá Pastry House) of Delianuova in the province of Reggio Calabria, which has been celebrated for their “Mandorlato” prepared with honey, sugar and selected Sicilian almonds. Tradition, quality, careful selection of raw ingredients and innovation, are the characters of this pastry house which is now led by Rocco Scutellà Jr. Born and raised in his family’s factory and in close contact with his first teachers his grandfather and father, that taught him those old recipes that are still the basis of its production.

The offspring of the Scutellà family is the guarantor of the family’s tradition and a fine researcher who loves and feels the need to constantly improve. Rocco Jr. attended the major schools of white art and was trained by the masters of the great Sicilian pastry, chefs of national and international recognition. In his factorythe basic ingredients are butter, pure chocolate and cream which are the basics for the gourmandises. The Scutellá’sfamily history is one of those where intuition and creativity are on the one hand and vision and passion on the other which together have been the link that has unified the whole four generations.

The idea of ​​producing cakes was not immediate so much so that the great-grandfather of Rocco Jr initially was the proprietor of a shop with a simple license for selling coffee and liquor. The transformation arrives with his grandfather Rocco senior, who as a youth worked at the Don Nicola Scutellá’s workshop in 1930, and with a stone oven had started the production of biscuits and pastries.

Theimaginative Rocco Sr immediately wins the trust of local landlords offering new and different specialties that soon became a success even in local fairs. “My grandfather was a volcano of passion, instinct and a hard worker,” recalls Rocco Jr who remained impressed by the great patience of his grandfather and how with few words he communicated perfectly.

His grandmother also played a special role which stood beside her husband in the management of the pastry house performing a main management function. Nowadays you can still taste the “MandorlatoCroccante” created by Rocco Sr through the combination of sugar and honey and whichbecame the flagship of the Scutellàproduction. With the second generation the pastry house has taken further steps forward.

AntoninoScutellà (father of Rocco) is in fact the author of a new impulse which as always includes the philosophy and values ​​taught by his father, and through the experience gained abroad which allowed him to return to Delianuova with a new vision of production and trade.

Today as yesterday, the refined products of Pasticceria Rocco Scutellà are appreciated and sought not only throughout the province (especially in the Plain of GioiaTauro) and in Reggio Calabria where the business has a shop, but the delicacy and flavours of the “Scutellà” brand have also seduced the most discerning palate and nowdemands for the classic pastries or for the new products created by Rocco Jr. arrive from all over Italy. In addition after introducing the “Torronedelle due Terre”, Rocco Jr. has been working on an interpretation of the classic Panettone with a secret recipe that has given this classic a flavour, a softness and a lightness which are unique using only natural ingredients and a natural proving process.

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