Monday , 19 March 2018
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Surianolii is one of the temples of red chilli and red onion from Tropea IGP and his patron Giancarlo Suriano is the bearer of the true culture of excellence in the industry. Tasting a Suriano’s home made product means opening the doors to the flavours, aromas and the tastes of Calabria.

On the other hand, in the early days of the company, his dream was just to enclose in a casket all the essence of the region, so that each ingredient at the same time talked about it and it evoked the authentic spirit.A clear vision was born from the mind of a true food enthusiast, a gourmet tout-court, which is also a farsighted innovative and creative entrepreneur.

An authoritative interlocutor Giancarlo Suriano can even be consider the Academy of chilli itselfwith Enzo Monaco as its President. As well as a consultant and experienced taster in all what involves spicy and hot food Massimo Biagi works alongside towards new projects and ideas.

Red onion from Torpea and the Calabrian chilli in pure form or skilfully worked depending on the traditional recipe are the workhorse of Suriano, whose farm is located in Amantea (CS) right in the middle of the two agricultural specialties from Calabria.

Equally inspired there are the Suriano’s already made sauces where he performs the role of Chef to create ideal seasonings for pasta dishes such as: “The Mollicata” a bread sauce with anchovies, garlic and chilli, “The Pestata” with cime di rapa, ‘nduja and pecorino cheese, “’A fajolata” with onion, ‘nduja and smoked ricotta.

All jams and marmalades made by Suriano have a common denominator, true ingredients from the territory, made with a careful and skilful preparation of the product and a top secret process. Also the packaging is completely automatic as to guarantee a real genuine excellence.

Giancarlo Suriano is one of those entrepreneurs who in addition to personally taking full care of the company is constantly looking for the excellence. Currently Suriano is motivated by the desire to involve farm workers too as associates in order to share the responsibilities and honours.

With the superb taste, nice shape, packaging and appearance of his line of products, Suriano regularly participates in the most prestigious culinary events such as: “Salone del Gusto” in Turin, “SIAL” in Paris, “Golosaria”in Milan and “Golositalia” in Brescia.

Suriano’s latest product is the chilli sauce in a mono portion packaging, which is prepared using a raw process and extra virgin olive oil. The idea is to offer a revolutionary product for those lovers of spicy ingredients and foods which never seem to miss at the table.

Massimo Ranieri

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