Sunday , 25 February 2018
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Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation

The ancient Calabrian tradition of sweets made with top quality ingredients is today one of GianlucaStaltari’sbest skills. A young pastry chef who immediately stood out with his factory“Sweet Temptation”located at Marina di GioiosaIonica in the province of Reggio Calabria. Staltari’shistory is a recent productive process undertaken in the wake of a passionate craftsmanship that immediately earned him the important recognition in 2011 of “Niche Product” at the “Tutto Food” festival in Milan. In an area known to be recognized and accredited for the production of nougat and its production of pure almond pastry, “Sweet Temptation” has carved a living space in a short time thanks to the very special taste of its products. The nougat crunchy or soft, and fine pastries called Mont Blanc are the core of an art that is immediately recognizable for the use of selected raw ingredients: Sicilian almonds, chocolate, sugar and honey from the town of Mammoth a purely local honey with genuine and rich aromas. Delicate and delicious are the two adjectives that can express the essence of the emotion aroused by the tasting of these nougatssigned with the “Sweet Temptation” mark, which not only are good in taste but also beautiful to see. Moreover, in Marina di GioiosaIonica there is a real nougat culture that every year gathers the best pastry chefs, and among these you’ll findGianlucaStaltari. Every year pastry chef gather in this celebration for the creation of the longest nougat in the world as to appear in the “Guinness World Records”, so far chefs have been able to create a nougat 500 meters long! Sicilian almonds are however the main ingredient of the Mont Blancpatries, authentic delicacies sprinkled with icing sugar and deliciously soft and crumbly. These are also found with orange, mandarin, limoncello, pistachio and, of course, bergamot, and all the traditional Calabrian citrus fruits to give them that unmistakable signature that emphasizes not only their origins and characteristics but also the taste and goodness typical of the area. The Mont Blanc pastries are designed for the most demanding palates, and are ideal as desserts accompanied with desert wine. In the three years of “Sweet Temptation” the bsuiness has made great progress participating in events and trade shows in spite the business still focusing on the holiday periods because of its high specific products consumed in these periods. GianlucaStaltari is also very popular when it comes to preparing refined sweets to conclude wedding lunches or dinners and had already some positive returns from Australia as well as through its e-commerce site. His dream now is to grow the business internationally where the nougat can be seen not as a sweet tradition for certain periods of the year, but as a sweet that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.


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