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Terranova’s Plums

the traditional “friars’ plums”

The traditional “Terranova plums” which have the brand De.CO (Protected Designation of Communal Origin) are grown in the town of Terranova Sappo Minulio (RC).

These plums are also called “plums of the friars” (or “prùna dì fràti” in local dialect) because probably they were introduced by Benedictine monks since 500. Already in 1691 Father Giovanni Fiore from the town of Cropani in his “Della Calabria illustrata” listed among the plums present in Calabria those said by the friars which are were very noble and delicate.

This was the first product branded De.c.o. from the province of Reggio Calabria (and one of the few that actually exist and are available on the market). The plums come from an integrated development project undertaken in 2007 by the young mayor Savatore Foti and its active city administration that became reality with the support of expert consultants in the industry.

The “Terranova plums” are of ellipsoidal shape, covered with white bloom and green in colour before ripen throughout July and August which by then have golden hues and an intense purple colour. The flavour is very sweet and aromatic with a long fresh plant which leaves a pleasant acid feeling in the mouth. The flesh is firm and dense, very juicy and the seed can be easily removed.

They are harvested by the members of the agricultural cooperative “Terranova” between July and August and sold in baskets of 1 and ½ Kg.

Terranova plum jam

The jam that has more than 60% of fruit is obtained after careful selection of the fruit at the right stage of ripeness. The product is dense and with a bright golden yellow colour with intense and permanent aromas. The plums used are pitted and processed with their skin visible in small filaments as these are rich in fibre and antioxidants.

The composition of the jam is:

Ingredients: Plum pulp from Terranova plums 60%, sugar 36%, citric acid, fruit pectine.

Average Nutrional values: 100gr

Energy value: 249 Kcal (1056Kj)

Proteine: 0.0gr

Carbohydrates: 62.0gr

Fats: 0.0gr

The jam jars are available in various weights (250 g, 230 g, 100 g, 50 g) and the product is very much appreciated abroad for its goodness. The product is tasted as it is or on bread or paired with cheeses both fresh and matured. It’s used a lot for traditional desserts like pies, cakes, cookies, etc..

Terranova’s De.Co. dried plums

The De.Co. “Terranova plums” are delicious a real delicacy and not pitted as there were once when they were sun dried. The presence of the seed gives structure to the dried plums, which actually retain the right degree of humidity (being “semi-dry”) and are packaged in a controlled atmosphere in order to maintain the aroma and unique taste. Moreover, the presence of the seed characterised by its double peak is an absolute guarantee of origin and authenticity. The fruits have a semi-industrial processing process in order to maintain their original and traditional characteristics. They are usually sold in boxes of 130Kg each.

Cosmetics using Terranova’s De.Co.  plums

The “” association is completed with the cosmetics made with the Terranova’s plum skins which are rich in antioxidants and nutritional properties. The line of cosmetics “Pruna vitae” which is experimenting a prototype is gradually establishing the product in the market enhancing even further a product and its country of origin.

Some recipes

“Parcels filled with apple and Terranova plum marmalade” from April 2012,  “Fileja with ricotta cheese and Terranova plum” from June 2011 are some of the original recipes from chef Giuseppe Sgró that appeared in his blog

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