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The ‘Nduja artisan

The ‘Nduja artisan

The ‘Nduja is one of the most original transformations of the pig meat made in Spilinga Province of ViboValentia its true place of origin. Here the “Nduja Artisan” (L’artigianodella “‘Nduja”)  a young company that has entered the market only in 2004 making use of a real family culture in the production of the sausage spilingese.
The ‘Nduja is probably among the most representative regional traditions, due to its uses of pork meat, fat and the traditional Calabrian red chilli but also for its unique taste and shape making unique.
Aware of the potential of the ‘Ndujaand the responsibilities he acquired by turning into a producer, entrepreneur and creative of the company Mr. Luigi Caccamo owner of “The ‘Nduja Artisan” is now producing a high quality product.
Luigi Caccamo has a valuable knowledge obtained first-hand by the experiences and authorative voice throughout the best gastronomy scenes, indeed keeping the whole Calabrian excellence throughout original ingredients and products such as the lard, the pancetta and of course the Calabrian red chilli.
The name ‘The ‘NdujaArtisan’ evokes a type of action, mechanisms and processing times that are directly related to small productions that encompass a world of flavours and that somehow also exhibit exclusivity and refinement. For Mr.Caccamo this is just a starting point, because his philosophy is much broader and demanding. There is the quality that is certainly in the raw ingredients and in the final product, but that customers whether large or small, must be able to appreciate, recognize and each time verify the taste of the real ‘Nduja.
In addition to care of the environment and customer’s needs, there is another core value that distinguishes “The ‘Nduja Artisan” and is its transparency. “The company says Mr.Caccamo is open to anyone the only secret we hold is our strategies.
Mr.Caccamo’s commercial reference is the Calabrianmarket, but the company recently has set in motion to land in other markets by participating in trade food shows in Italy and abroad.  Thanks to the development in the evolution of the classic recipe that has soften the acute chilli hotness within the product making it more “amicable” and with a degree of hotness that everyone can handle: “a good ‘nduja is not found everywhereconfessed Mr.Caccamo, with a hint of satisfaction and prideI would compare it even with the truffle of Alba. The real ‘Nduja leaves a taste that goes from the neck to the palate without irritating your lips.


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