Friday , 20 April 2018
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The society for integrated communication, cultural events and editorial “In Media Idee per Comunicare” in collaboration with the association “Calabria d’Autore” are responsible for the creation of “Calabria a Tavola”. A website and paper guide completely dedicated to the Calabrian cuisine and hospitality in Italy and all around the world.
The three initiatives, under the same title of “Calabria a Tavola” can be summarized in a single “mission”: to describe and celebrate the healthy Calabrian cuisine and its relationship with the noble universe of agricultural production,its time and long history … A journey through the best products, businesses, restaurants and caterers, and an exciting and surprising tour through the region, Italy and the world places with high level of “Calabria influence”.
A detailed recognition of the best places to eat, the most prestigious companies, and the major players in the industry: real ambassadors for the diffusion of the “Made in Calabria” and essential references to live the real Calabrian experience encouraging the use of its many traditional produce.
A site, a guide and an association, recollects and enhance the strong working traditions and the extraordinary expertise that have come from the love of the land and its resources. Showing and letting meet those who still want to wisely preserve the integrity and specificity, projecting its values to new and wider horizons of quality and popularity. “Calabria a Tavola”, with its sections dedicated to culinary excellence, products DOC, DOP, DOCG, IGT, sections dedicated to show the production of traditional and original artisan products and high quality industrial production, restaurants, recipes andculinary news regarding the industry has been definitely an initiative needed within the food industry.
We believe is also the first ambitious yet in-depth “on the road” story teller of the actual enterprise modes, organization and complete activities of those engaged in these activities throughout the region and beyond.
We hope to offer a comprehensive compilation and recollection of the “hospitality and cooking way”. A very particular way of hospitality and cuisine and in dealing with the clientele, or rather, the “guests” who have inherited from the Calabrian a glorious tradition of civilization, almost unique in the world.
Website, guide and association show with constant updates the commitment of those working in the food and wine sector that highlight the “genius loci”. Those that help to make this heritage known and accessible to the general public, Calabrian or not Calabrian, and for this they deserve great appreciation and encouragement.

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