Sunday , 25 February 2018
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Verbicaro Doc

(Red, white, rosé and reserve). The production area of the grapes and the wine are in the town of “Verbicaro” which is part of the municipalities of Verbicaro, Grisolia, Orsomarso, S. Domenica Talao and Santa Maria del Cedro all located in the province of Cosenza. The environmental conditions of the terrain and cultivation style of the vineyards give the grapes and therefore the wines specific quality characteristics. The colour of the red is a red-ruby red more or less intense, the aroma is vinous and delicate and the flavour is pleasant, dry and velvety. Instead for the rosé we have a pink colour more or less intense, a characteristic mild aroma and a fresh and dry taste. The characteristics of the white are a yellow more or less intense colour, delicate aroma and a dry, soft, and sometimes aromatic flavour.

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